Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hospitalization benefits

My father is sick and he needs an immediate medical help. He is suffering some shoulder pains and it was bothering him for the past two days already. The doctor immediately assists him and check out the possible cause of such pain. Tests, ecg, x-ray -- these are some of the medical check that are perform to him. Based on the results my father has a pneumonia. Though his heart is clear (thanks God!). It is expected at his age of seventy nine because of his immune system and resistance to some sickness. We in the family are very thankful that he is able to recover and the pain slowly goes out from his system.  As a senior citizen, he is an automatic member of a health insurance and his hospitalization is covered by more than half of the total hospitalization bills. We are thankful because it lessen the expenses aside from the medicines that are needed after my father will check out from admittance. This health benefit is something that is really important to have in cases of hospitalization.

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