Saturday, August 11, 2012

advantage for dogs at vet depot

I love dogs since I was a kid. There is that special bonding between me and my pets that always makes me happy every time I am with them at home. Chowie and Puggie are my two cute lovely dogs for five years now. Chowie is a  male breed of chow chow with brown, dense and almost thick fur all over his body. While Puggie is a breed of pug considered as a toy dog, wrinkly face and with short tail. Colored fawn in almost all of his body except that his nose is black. I am always responsible as far as food, health and safety of my dogs are concern. Every weekend is my schedule to buy their needs like pet grooming supplies, supplements, flea and tick control, eye and ear care, antibiotics and other dog needs. It is always an advantage for dogs at vet depot because they have all the necessary products for dog owners like me. This is a complete store of pet medicines and supplies. They even have products for cats and other small pets too.I can save time and energy because it is a one stop shop. Having two dogs at home is not an easy task. It requires personal time with them because their needs are much more like that of humans. Good thing because I have an assistant to take care of Chowie and Puggie when I am at work or having some out of town trips.I hope to have more time to enjoy with my favorite dogs at home this weekend.

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