Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hospitalization benefits

My father is sick and he needs an immediate medical help. He is suffering some shoulder pains and it was bothering him for the past two days already. The doctor immediately assists him and check out the possible cause of such pain. Tests, ecg, x-ray -- these are some of the medical check that are perform to him. Based on the results my father has a pneumonia. Though his heart is clear (thanks God!). It is expected at his age of seventy nine because of his immune system and resistance to some sickness. We in the family are very thankful that he is able to recover and the pain slowly goes out from his system.  As a senior citizen, he is an automatic member of a health insurance and his hospitalization is covered by more than half of the total hospitalization bills. We are thankful because it lessen the expenses aside from the medicines that are needed after my father will check out from admittance. This health benefit is something that is really important to have in cases of hospitalization.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012

A week long celebration of the Kadayawan festival 2012 here in the city. This is an annual festival every third week of August. A celebration of bounty and blessings showcasing the color and culture of the 1o tribes of Davao through music and dance. There are many activities in line until Sunday like beauty contest (hiyas ng kadayawan), street dancing competition along major streets and the finale is the grand floral parade of floats participated by competing and non competing entries. Madayaw! Happy Kadayawan to all!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Skywatch of Mount Arayat

This  shot was taken during a vacation in Pampanga located in Luzon. A view of Mount Arayat, the famous mountain in the province. It was one o'clock  when this shot was taken but the clouds were already forming and rain was expected that day. The cool winds of the afternoon just made my sky watching fun and exciting. Happy skywatching to all. Have a great weekend! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend film watch - Bourne Legacy

Me and my siblings were having a bonding time last weekend. We watched the movie "The Bourne Legacy" which stars Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. This movie made us interested before its final screening because some of location shots were taken here in the Philippines. There were local actors and actresses who also auditioned and played roles on this film.  This movie is the fourth film in the Bourne film series. Most of the previous Bourne movies were interesting and we were just excited because Philippines was chosen as the shooting venue especially on the motorcycle chase. A great movie watch which makes me proud of my country and the people.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gold for the dreamteam

I stayed late last night to watched the game finale of the men's basketball Olympics of  US and Spain. And the winner is US (dream team). They got the gold for London 2012.It was a tough game because the scores were close making Spain a great team of players also. Well there were the Gasol brothers whom Paul is a Laker team mate of Kobe Bryant. Such a great game and my time in watching all their competitions up to the  finals were all worth it. Congrats dream team!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

advantage for dogs at vet depot

I love dogs since I was a kid. There is that special bonding between me and my pets that always makes me happy every time I am with them at home. Chowie and Puggie are my two cute lovely dogs for five years now. Chowie is a  male breed of chow chow with brown, dense and almost thick fur all over his body. While Puggie is a breed of pug considered as a toy dog, wrinkly face and with short tail. Colored fawn in almost all of his body except that his nose is black. I am always responsible as far as food, health and safety of my dogs are concern. Every weekend is my schedule to buy their needs like pet grooming supplies, supplements, flea and tick control, eye and ear care, antibiotics and other dog needs. It is always an advantage for dogs at vet depot because they have all the necessary products for dog owners like me. This is a complete store of pet medicines and supplies. They even have products for cats and other small pets too.I can save time and energy because it is a one stop shop. Having two dogs at home is not an easy task. It requires personal time with them because their needs are much more like that of humans. Good thing because I have an assistant to take care of Chowie and Puggie when I am at work or having some out of town trips.I hope to have more time to enjoy with my favorite dogs at home this weekend.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


The country experience today some heavy rains brought about by monsoon weather. A typhoon was not reported b the weather bureau but the hours of heavy downpour resulted to floods in most of the cities in Luzon. The weather here in Davao today is sunny and rain could not be expected until late in the afternoon. Very opposite from what is happening in Luzon. Live television broadcast for the whole day on some affected cities. Classes suspended and works are cancelled in private offices. Harsh weather is always expected yearly and I hope it would not get worst in the next days or weeks.  

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dream team in London Olympics

I am a basketball fan of the NBA and I always have time to watch the dream team USA playing in the London Olympics. They played with Lithuania yesterday and it was a challenging event because the team was almost beaten at the quarter half. Good thing they were able to beat until the last quarter declaring them as the winner for that game. I am looking forward to watch more winning games of the dream team until they will go on the finals of the Olympics.