Friday, July 20, 2012

best way to stop drinking

The modern and changing lifestyles of people nowadays greatly affect their health condition. Smoking, drinking and other habits of extremely bad and immoral behavior are some factors. Such vices become a burden to families and to the society.  I can personally relate to this because my bother was once a drinker. He cannot say no to friends and always joined with them in parties and occasions for some drinking spree. They were together in a table full of rum, gin, beer bottles and other alcoholic beverages. The enjoyment was until early hours of the morning and all of them can no longer stand and carry themselves from being drunk of all those alcohol intakes. As a sister my concern was always about his health because alcohol has bad effects to the liver and other internal organs. Last year my brother developed a stomach ulcer and he experienced too much pain because the lining of his intestines got acidic and sore which produced a poisonous substance in the digestive system.  I know that quitting for an alcohol was hard for a person who already used to it but we gave him an ultimatum to change his lifestyle or else he will deteriorate at an early age. Good thing he listened to us. My brother was able to seek some help on the best way to stop drinking. It enabled him to rid of chemical dependence and live a sober and healthy life. His personal affirmation to quit drinking was a big help for his recovery.  Cravings for alcohol no longer bothers him and it really saved his life, family and career.

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