Saturday, July 28, 2012

I always stay fit, trim and healthy for ten years now. Exercise, healthy lifestyle, and good diet are  contributing factors that keep my body beautiful until this time. It is a personal commitment to stay this way because I value myself. It should be nurtured and cared the natural way to be able to live life  the best that I can be. I have noticed that I easily gained weight if I cannot do some exercises every week. This happened when I was busy at work assignments and other personal responsibilities. While spending time at home one afternoon, I read a beauty magazine that wrote about slimming effects of wearing a camisole. It said that there are special shape wears that can help trim down and even create some slimming effects to the body. Shape wear is also called as foundation garment which is design to temporarily alter the wearers body shape achieving a more fashionable figure. This makes me interested so I immediately check out a slimming camisole at AnnetteOnline. They offer quality apparels and lingerie that suit to every woman's need. Some specific styles had been essential to some fashion movements and required some social situations. So I am making sure that I am getting the right kind of shape wear basically for comfort and also for a nice style as well. I think I have to recommend this to my sister and also to my girl friends who are also concern about their body figures. In my own way I will be able to share my thoughts and ideas about looking or feeling  beautiful and sexy even as we age.

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