Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics 2012

The Olympic games for this year 2012 just started and so far it has the most spectacular opening ceremony for me. I stayed in front of the live telecast from London on television at home and every presentation was beautifully performed. Many nations participated including the Philippines. Chosen qualified athletes from here joined the parade and I was happy to saw them carrying the country flag with pride. I can say that Olympic games is an extravagant competition of the nations and hosting such prestigious event requires four years of preparation and a huge amount of money as well. I cannot wait to watch my favorite games for the next two weeks of Olympic time.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I always stay fit, trim and healthy for ten years now. Exercise, healthy lifestyle, and good diet are  contributing factors that keep my body beautiful until this time. It is a personal commitment to stay this way because I value myself. It should be nurtured and cared the natural way to be able to live life  the best that I can be. I have noticed that I easily gained weight if I cannot do some exercises every week. This happened when I was busy at work assignments and other personal responsibilities. While spending time at home one afternoon, I read a beauty magazine that wrote about slimming effects of wearing a camisole. It said that there are special shape wears that can help trim down and even create some slimming effects to the body. Shape wear is also called as foundation garment which is design to temporarily alter the wearers body shape achieving a more fashionable figure. This makes me interested so I immediately check out a slimming camisole at AnnetteOnline. They offer quality apparels and lingerie that suit to every woman's need. Some specific styles had been essential to some fashion movements and required some social situations. So I am making sure that I am getting the right kind of shape wear basically for comfort and also for a nice style as well. I think I have to recommend this to my sister and also to my girl friends who are also concern about their body figures. In my own way I will be able to share my thoughts and ideas about looking or feeling  beautiful and sexy even as we age.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tribal necklace

Sometimes it is fun to buy some nice souvenir items when visiting places. When my sister visited Cebu City months ago she was able to buy this tribal necklace in a religious shrine. This necklace is being sold in the area where most local tourist did some petitions or prayers. Common features of the necklace are beads and polished shells . It is semi choker, just fit to wear in the neck. A nice accessory to wear everyday when wearing jeans, flats and plain tops. Any casual wardrobe can be paired with this necklace. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

best way to stop drinking

The modern and changing lifestyles of people nowadays greatly affect their health condition. Smoking, drinking and other habits of extremely bad and immoral behavior are some factors. Such vices become a burden to families and to the society.  I can personally relate to this because my bother was once a drinker. He cannot say no to friends and always joined with them in parties and occasions for some drinking spree. They were together in a table full of rum, gin, beer bottles and other alcoholic beverages. The enjoyment was until early hours of the morning and all of them can no longer stand and carry themselves from being drunk of all those alcohol intakes. As a sister my concern was always about his health because alcohol has bad effects to the liver and other internal organs. Last year my brother developed a stomach ulcer and he experienced too much pain because the lining of his intestines got acidic and sore which produced a poisonous substance in the digestive system.  I know that quitting for an alcohol was hard for a person who already used to it but we gave him an ultimatum to change his lifestyle or else he will deteriorate at an early age. Good thing he listened to us. My brother was able to seek some help on the best way to stop drinking. It enabled him to rid of chemical dependence and live a sober and healthy life. His personal affirmation to quit drinking was a big help for his recovery.  Cravings for alcohol no longer bothers him and it really saved his life, family and career.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dolphy, an icon to remember

The week has been full of news updates regarding the passing of Dolphy. He was a famous comedy icon in show business and his passing was a loss not just to the industry but to all the people who were fans of the late comedy king. Mang Dolphy was laid to rest yesterday and I was watching the television since Saturday. The tributes for him were all about the good things that this man had sowed while he was still living. His generosity, good heart, humble attitude and being a loving family man made him a person to be truly appreciated. A great loss to the movie industry, but his legacy as an icon will always be remembered.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

gmat classes

I am planning to enroll myself in masters degree this year. I have not chosen what school to enroll yet but I already have some lists of international business schools as references. As a graduate of bachelor of science in business administration major in management, I want to take some further studies because I believe that there are still lots of things that I need to learn  in relation to my course. It took a year for me to decide about this plan because I still consider my finances and time. I have to save an amount of money for my admission, enrollment and tuition fees. Next month will be the schedule of my gmat classes. This is an extensive course wherein I will learn an approach on the examination then apply the techniques to practice questions inside and outside the room. Some tools will be given in preparation for my exam potentials. It is called GMAT prep. My present job as an executive officer of a service company has help me in developing my managerial and leadership skills. I believe that this masters degree would help improve my practice and establish a successful career in business management. My application and essay  schedule for  round one will be this coming October. and everyday I am doing an online research and tutorial sessions so that I can start familiarizing and learning on my curriculum. This is another career challenge for me and I believe that I can make it.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Birthday greetings

A day to celebrate the seventy ninth birthday of my uncle. Through the years, you have been always blessed with God's grace and during this prime of years, we are all wishing you more smiling years ahead with lots of happiness, health, peace and love. 
A happy, happy birthday to you!