Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bridesmaid dresses

Month of June is said to be the wedding  month and I am happy to tie the knot this coming Saturday. My feeling is indescribable because of having mix emotions aside from the fact that I need to finalize all the wedding details from the entourage, ceremony and the reception. The motifs are nature green and rusty orange for the maid of honor, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls, principal sponsors and secondary sponsors. I choose quality clothing materials for the dresses because after the wedding such gowns will be my token to my female friends. My wedding entourage is exclusive to close family members, friends and relatives only because  I like it to be intimate and solemn as possible. Special guests that are close to us are also invited. I am very thankful for my fiance because he is very supportive in the planning and organizing of our wedding.  He generously finances  and I always update him of my latest preparation details.  Planning a wedding is very tedious because there are so many things  involved in it. The preparation takes about a year for  me and  I think I am on   the right track for the wedding day. Most important for me is the marriage preparation because it is a lifetime commitment with my husband that we will  be sharing together after the wedding.

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