Saturday, June 30, 2012

Social media day

A special day to give tribute to everyone who gives importance to the social media. Bloggers, Facebook users, Twitter and many more internet sites where people interact. These are some of the popular social media that influence the lives of the users and followers worldwide. I am a blogger for more than three years now and I enjoy being part of the social media. I get updated with the local and international trends and also it gives me more knowledge and language skill to interact with people. Being in the social media is also a responsibility which means true and informative to what you are telling. It may be your own opinion but always be careful on your thoughts and ideas to share with others.

Souvenir hat

It is fun to join some city festivals. This hat is a nice souvenir from a festival in Visayas during my sister's trip. It is made of native materials, hand woven and painted to create an attractive souvenir item. She brought it with her when she got home. It is very useful during outdoor trips and a good protection from the heat  of the sun. A typical Filipino souvenir that makes the Philippines a country of fun.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Studded earrings

My favorite accessory is a pair of earrings. My sister bought this one pair for me as her present during her trip to Cebu City.  I like the studs because its multicolored and I can wear it with any kind of attire everyday.  She bought this in a ladies fashion shop and right timing because it was a summer sale. I like this earrings and wearing it feels fashionable and in trend.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy saver account

I recently opened my personal account in the bank. It is an atm savings account that has no monthly charges, no maintaining balance and earning an interests monthly. I decided to open because I had bad experiences to my old accounts where my money was deducted whenever it fell below the maintaining balance. This easy saver has no maintaining amount and I can easily withdraw from any atm machines nationwide. The inter branch deposit is free and I will not be worried of any possible deductions because there is no maintaining balance. Good thing I was able to open this personal easy saver account.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy season is here

The month of June marks the start of the rainy season and today I experience a heavy rainfall that started late in the afternoon until evening. According to the weather bureau, there is a low pressure happening on the northern part of the city where I am living now and also a tropical depression in the eastern part of the country which is expected to be a typhoon in the next coming days.  I like rainy days actually because the rain is very valuable especially to the farmers who will be preparing the rice fields for the planting season. Also the rain helps wash away the air brought about by the past summer months keeping the atmosphere clean and cool. Not too much anyway because it will cause some floods which can hamper the lives of the people here.  

porter stansberry fraud

I have been doing some research about investments and it made me think and decide to join the  stock trading industry.  The idea about such kind of trading is very wide in scope and I need to learn about many terms related to it. The procedures are quite complicated and with a step by step process I am able to learn and understand the whole aspects. At first I was hesitant because with my hard earned money it is not easy to gamble on things that are not sure especially when money is involved. However, I realized that life in real sense is also a gamble and  the probability on joining with this kind of investment is either a gain or a loss. It is always two ways and what is important is that I will have the guts to try my luck and invest a certain amount with the hope that it will earn more. My friend advised me to take consideration about the idea that there would always be some porter stansberry fraud that might be link with such financial trading.Being an open minded person and the ability to try new things are my personality traits. I never stop on learning about investments because I have known  famous people who become what they are now because they engaged themselves in trading business. Their investments grow and continue to receive many profits  that started from a small amount  and  reached up to thousands and millions of dollars. I plan to engage as a beginner first with the minimum amount as required and I already have a chosen reputable market trading where will I invest.  I just need to finalize my plans this week so that I can start the soonest possible time. I am hopeful and positive that this investment venture will succeed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

He is the image
Of the Father divine
Reflecting the nature of God,
For his love and care
And the faith he shared
Pointed us to our Father above.
This is a reminder that
All our life through,
We'll be thanking heaven
For a special father like you..
Happy Father's day,Tatay!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bridesmaid dresses

Month of June is said to be the wedding  month and I am happy to tie the knot this coming Saturday. My feeling is indescribable because of having mix emotions aside from the fact that I need to finalize all the wedding details from the entourage, ceremony and the reception. The motifs are nature green and rusty orange for the maid of honor, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls, principal sponsors and secondary sponsors. I choose quality clothing materials for the dresses because after the wedding such gowns will be my token to my female friends. My wedding entourage is exclusive to close family members, friends and relatives only because  I like it to be intimate and solemn as possible. Special guests that are close to us are also invited. I am very thankful for my fiance because he is very supportive in the planning and organizing of our wedding.  He generously finances  and I always update him of my latest preparation details.  Planning a wedding is very tedious because there are so many things  involved in it. The preparation takes about a year for  me and  I think I am on   the right track for the wedding day. Most important for me is the marriage preparation because it is a lifetime commitment with my husband that we will  be sharing together after the wedding.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philippines Independence Day

The country is celebrating today its 114th day of independence. I am happy that the country has already enjoyed the freedom for more than a century now.  It is declared as a regular non working holiday. Great time to watch the many different celebrations in various cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The country has still a long long way to go to achieve its in depth freedom. It would take an initiative that would start from every citizen. May the liberty that the forefathers had fought for during the colonial time be continually appreciated by the people today and the next generation to come. Mabuhay ang Araw ng Kasarinlan! 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

irs tax extensions

The filing for income taxes for the year 2011 was due last fifteenth of April and I personally update my taxes before the said date. However my other source of  income was separately filed as required by the revenue office where my business is registered.  I went to the district office last week to request for a reconsideration and my request was approved. I was given a little extra time to manually compute my income, expenses, gross sales and other necessary accounts related to my annual business operation. I am thankful of the file tax extension of the revenue office because it helps me a lot in making an assessment with regards to the declaration of my taxes. It took me time to make the income tax papers because I have to lists down all the details like exemptions, tax dues, withholding taxes, previous payments, deductions, gross taxable income and more.  I already finish the computation and glad to know that  I will be availing  a tax refund. I still have to make the financial statements like balance sheet, income statement and certified accountant's review as supporting documents for my business tax filing.  I can say that it is important to have knowledge regarding taxation when having business because it helps a lot in doing research,  strategic planning  and  decision making.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Flu attack

I am not feeling well today as my throat is starting to get sore. If I can remember last weekend, I was so busy in my personal errands. I did lots of walking here and there starting from home going to the downtown district.  The weather that time was hot and when I got inside the mall area it was cold. Maybe the airborne aerosols contributed to lots of my sneezing and coughing. It feels so uncomfortable to get sick especially at work. I think that there is flu attack during change of weather from summer to rainy season.  Rest, sleep, vitamins and healthy foods will help   me get recover from this. Hope to recover in the next coming days.