Sunday, April 08, 2012

Relative's passing

One thing that is certain in this world is death and all of us have our own personal destiny leading there at different times and circumstances.  A close relative of mine just passed away few months ago and her bereaved family is still on mourning until this time  after her sad passing.  I personally appreciated my relative because of her practical ideas when she was sill living. It seemed that she really planned her life well. She bought two units of  memorial service plans for herself and her family. Every plan includes services and a funeral casket . When she passed away her family did not worry so much because the funeral services were made responsible by the memorial insurance company. The company was able to refund to her family an additional cash benefits to her surviving spouse and children because the plan that she availed was paid within the discount period. They said that it was very costly to have such kind of funeral services. My relative was very responsible to planned her life well leaving her loved ones financially secured without so much worries after her death.  Her siblings are also planning  to avail of the memorial plan with the same benefits. They are just being practical this time on the certainties to come soon. 

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