Saturday, April 28, 2012

airbnb apartments

It is summer season here and I am already planning on where to spend my vacation. I always find time to have a summer getaway during months of April and May because these are the months of the year wherein I have more days for rest and recreation. I am checking out on nice offers of some resorts either beach or mountain sites and find some cheap local accommodations that can cater to my budget. I want to enjoy and at the same time spend just the right amount of money for it. Staying in a cabin resort interests me and this time I want to feel the fresh air of the mountains. I have decided to make a reservation in one of the airbnb apartments that cater to tourists at very affordable rates. I already made a down payment so that it will be easy for us when we reach our destination. I will be spending time with my boyfriend on this trip and we want to have our own privacy. It is like a home away from home actually. A change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the city life to a lush green of fresh and cool living.The schedule will be next week and I am already excited of our out of town trip together.

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