Monday, April 30, 2012

Hair growth

I am taking care of my hair every day and see to it that it is always fix and  and conditioned always. I have noticed that it is already grown in length after more that five months since my last salon visit. My mane is blessed to be nourished and healthy and I have no problems regarding hair fall which is the common problem that I have noticed in some of my friends. I might be scheduling for a hair trim this month end to give way for a new hair growth.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Personal foot pampering

I am very particular as far as personal grooming is concerned. I had my time last weekend so I decided to had some personal foot pampering session. My feet deserved some grooming and care so I spent an hour doing the cleaning and putting nail polish in every toe nails. Quite tedious job because I had to carefully cut and trim every toe to prevent cuts and breaks in the cuticles and toe nails. I have my own personal grooming set of nail clipper,  nail pusher, brush, alcohol, cotton cloth and water. The result was very satisfying for me as my toenails were looking clean and neat in a shiny white nail color. It saves my time and money because I just did this on my own.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Road repair and maintenance

I am travelling almost everyday from home going to the downtown area and I have noticed that the government agency on public works and highways is busy on road repair and maintenance. There are construction equipment doing the lane expansion and some concrete blocks, stones and other masonry works are being done. I am happy to see that there are already projects made and it feels nice that the people's taxes are being benefited by the locals themselves this time. Hopefully the said road project will be completed before the school year begins this month of June. The construction have two months to go now. Keep up the good work.

airbnb apartments

It is summer season here and I am already planning on where to spend my vacation. I always find time to have a summer getaway during months of April and May because these are the months of the year wherein I have more days for rest and recreation. I am checking out on nice offers of some resorts either beach or mountain sites and find some cheap local accommodations that can cater to my budget. I want to enjoy and at the same time spend just the right amount of money for it. Staying in a cabin resort interests me and this time I want to feel the fresh air of the mountains. I have decided to make a reservation in one of the airbnb apartments that cater to tourists at very affordable rates. I already made a down payment so that it will be easy for us when we reach our destination. I will be spending time with my boyfriend on this trip and we want to have our own privacy. It is like a home away from home actually. A change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the city life to a lush green of fresh and cool living.The schedule will be next week and I am already excited of our out of town trip together.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Multi colored clothes clips

I usually do my laundry at home during weekends and washing clothes is just physically demanding I should say. Water, soaping, soaking, rinsing, drip drying etc. Just a tough work but very rewarding to the clothes that I am wearing everyday. I decided to buy these multicolored clothespin from the plastic wares in the mall. also known as clothes peg, It is a fastener used to hang up clothes for drying usually on the clothes line. It helps in managing the hanging of clothes in such away that the drying process will be faster. It also helps clothes in maintaining its shape even without twisting to get excess water. Actually clothespin has many uses but for me the main use is for organizing my clothes drying work at home. I hope these pegs will lasts for months of usage.

vapor experts

I visit my uncle in his hometown and he is so glad to see me after a  long time of not being together. Our acquaintance is full of updates about each other's lives. He tells me that he is slowing down from his habits and lifestyle  because he wants to live life in a better way now.  Though he is still into his smoking habits but not so totally obsessed unlike before wherein he can consumed more than one pack everyday. He recently bought sets vaporizers from known  Vapor Experts in an exclusive shop as recommended by her daughter, relatives and some friends. The vaporizers are electric heating devices that can help reduce the harmful byproducts  released from smoking herbal tobacco or other products through the humidification process. I have heard about this device before and it is my first time now to see the real product.  They say that vaporizers can help eliminate harmful carcinogens associated with smoking and this is done by eliminating the combustion process.  It is good to know that there are modern devices available in the market that help make the lives of people better and healthier at this time. My uncle is so thankful that he was introduced of the product. He already started using the vaporizer and he is very positive of its performance.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer umbrella

I brought this green umbrella last week as my old one was already worn out due to so many uses. This is in time because it is already summer as a protection from the scorching heat of the sun everyday. The news reported that the heat his summer almost reached up to thirty five degrees Celsius. This umbrella can help protect me when I do some legwork in my day to day activities. It is very light and easy to use everyday. I hope this umbrella will serve its purpose in time.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Discount eyeglasses

Healthy  nutrition and  lifestyle support good well being for me. It is already summer season here in the city and I am very particular as far as my eye's health is concerned.  Wearing a sunglasses gives me ultraviolet protection from the harmful rays of the sun especially during my outdoor activities.  My work as a sales executive demands a lot of time doing some client calls, business proposals, executive appointments, business or product  presentations, board meetings and more. I always see to it that my eyes are protected every time I do the leg works.  Sales  is a  challenging job  for me and it is important  that I look great on my daily suits and wardrobe.  I decide to buy a stylish discount eyeglasses that I can wear when doing some computer reports. This kind of frame in  whiskey tortoise color can be a perfect match on my everyday get up. Not just for that but also an eyeglass that I can wear for a date or dinner with some friends after work.  A versatile eye wear that creates a feminine and sexy look for a fashionable, executive woman like me.  I love the feeling when I wear the eyeglasses because it creates a special confidence of being a woman of substance.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Souvenir bracelet

I received this fashionable bracelet made of sea shells from a client last week. It is my first time to received such kind and the giver told me that she bought it from a souvenir shop who specializes in selling items located in an exclusive beach. The style is unique and I think it is very meticulous to hand sew each sea shells to be able to make one bracelet. I thank my client for giving me this kind of fashion as she also noticed that I like wearing bracelets all the time. I can wear this during weekends or at casual activities wearing jeans, shirts and shoes. Thanks for this nice souvenir item.

Relative's passing

One thing that is certain in this world is death and all of us have our own personal destiny leading there at different times and circumstances.  A close relative of mine just passed away few months ago and her bereaved family is still on mourning until this time  after her sad passing.  I personally appreciated my relative because of her practical ideas when she was sill living. It seemed that she really planned her life well. She bought two units of  memorial service plans for herself and her family. Every plan includes services and a funeral casket . When she passed away her family did not worry so much because the funeral services were made responsible by the memorial insurance company. The company was able to refund to her family an additional cash benefits to her surviving spouse and children because the plan that she availed was paid within the discount period. They said that it was very costly to have such kind of funeral services. My relative was very responsible to planned her life well leaving her loved ones financially secured without so much worries after her death.  Her siblings are also planning  to avail of the memorial plan with the same benefits. They are just being practical this time on the certainties to come soon.