Sunday, November 06, 2011

Soft broom

Home cleaning is always an important activity in the household. It keeps home healthy to live in. When my old broom was worn out, I decided to bought a new one in the local market. This soft broom is made of a grass that grows in the highlands and mountains. A very indigenous natural product that really helps as a cleaning aid.  I can see that the strands were being tight securely so that it would not easily detached in continued use. This soft broom usually lasts about nine to ten months at home.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Sky watching at home

Staying at home is always my favorite past time because it feels relaxing to me looking at those nice views especially when I bring with me my camera. I took this shot one afternoon at the back area. The weather was gloomy and rain was expected.  This tree has been standing the sunny and rainy weathers and I was wondering why it did not grow its leaves much as compared to the mango tree beside. Well I had no idea maybe part of natures' purpose for this tree. I hope to get more sky shots when I have time again.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Floor tiles

These floor tiles had been serving the kitchen area for more than five years now. Floors are very important part of the house because they form part of the entire space or area  which occupies many things like furniture and fixtures, appliances, beddings and many more household items.   The peach motif of the floor  is very cool and it matches with any kind of color to have in the area. The advantage of having tiles is that it is very easy to clean with just soap and clean water. Also it is very durable and that it can withstand in time.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Welcome November!

It is already the month of November! The eleventh month of the year and that a month before the holidays. It started with a non working holiday because the first day is an all saints day. Marked red in the calendar as a time to remember those saints and the second day as all souls day, remembering those dearly departed whether family, relatives or friends. I am looking forward for more positive vibes this months - more blessings, provisions,  good opportunities and all the best in life as always. Welcoming the month of November with happiness and thanks.