Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Its scary time again! The streets, malls, shopping centers, theme parks and more are again filled with cute, nice and scary costumes of people who are into Halloween parties. a fun filled day  looking at those costumes in black, white and red colors which symbolizes blood, darkness, ghosts etc. I just enjoy watching the people and hope this Halloween day be celebrated with nice trick or treat themes. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roof Sealant

The long vacation this week was just a good timing because we were able to do some house fixings. I bought this roof sealant in the hardware last weekend and requested my brother to climb the roof and had it sealed on each of the roof nails on the galvanized iron. I like this kind of sealant because it immediately dries up and seals easily when in contact with metal or  aluminum objects. Sealing was very fast for my brother as the pouch is an easy squeeze. Now I am confident that if ever heavy rain comes, my roof is protected with this sealant. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shopping coupons

Weeks ago I bought an item from the appliance store located inside the nearby mall. It was an unplanned thing to buy such home appliance because it was not included in my budget. I had to bought it because it was a necessity for home. Good timing that time because the store was on sale. I was able to buy the appliance at a reasonable price and of quality kind. After I paid the item in the cashier, I was qualified for these two shopping coupons. I also use my shopper's card here to avail points. I felt  happy because my time to shop & wait on the store was complimented by these coupons. I hope to be lucky to avail of the prizes in the grand draw this year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turkey earthquake

Another devastating news that made headlines this week was the earthquake in Turkey where as much as 1000 people were buried a live when buildings collapsed. I can sense that earthquake is roaming in many countries and quite alarming that anytime no country is ever safe to experience a strong earthquake. many lives were lost because of this calamity. The earth that we are living has already aged and many natural calamities were happening in different parts of the globe. This time the people needs awareness, care and concern to the surroundings. A wake up call to each and everyone that anything can happen  at any moment of time. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Comforter laundry

Every weekend is my schedule for laundry at home. I see to it that my personal bedding is freshly wash and clean. This white comforter is the one used by my brother. Color white is quite susceptible to dirt so it needs an often laundry after a week of use. Since the comforter cloth is so thick and quilted, I let it soaked in water with powder soap overnight. The had it washed the following day to make sure the blanket is free from stains and dirt. After that I had this comforter be totally dried using an electric washer/drier. Hang under the sun for the whole day and then fold after. I can feel the cleanliness of this white comforter and again ready to use for the bedding.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Front door knob

I had all my time one afternoon at home and tried taking pictures at home. This door knob that was installed in the front molave door of the house just caught my attention. This door knob is already twelve years old as it was installed when we transferred to live in the housing that we have now. It is  made of durable and quality brass material that withstand the test of sunny and rainy weathers. This knob can only be opened when outside using a key while it can be opened inside when turning up and  down the safety  lock . The door knob has many use as it serves as protection from burglaries from entering the personal premises. I bought this at a quite pricey amount and the price just equaled to the quality performance that it possess until this time.   

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plantex products purchase

I had been a consistent user of organic products of Plantex. When my stocks at home were almost consumed I immediately ordered these basically important products - green bath soaps, green toothpaste and dish washing liquid solution. I can say that the products are all organic and the quality is never compromised since I started using them. Also it is my choice to support local quality products. This is my personal way of helping for the environment by using organic products in the household and personal use. I can readily purchase the products as the store outlet is always available in the downtown area. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brown cardigan

I was happy to received this brown cardigan that was given by my sister when she visited the nearby city months ago. It is made of quality cotton material with lacey accents and designs in the front part. The buttoned down design is suitable for a plain white, cream or black sleeveless tops that can be worn as an undergarment and top with this brown cardigan. Nice to be paired with dark denim, slacks or trousers.  I think I already wear this cardigan for several occasions already and I like this kind of trendy fashion that never goes out of style.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashion scarf

I love being in fashion. The modern trend on women's fashion at present time is very versatile and I have as many choices to have in mix matching clothes, wardrobes, accessories and many more fashion essentials. This fashion scarf that was given to me as a gift was just a good timing and I wanted this piece of cloth to be added on my personal wardrobe. This can be worn over a nice tops, sleeveless blouses, jackets or simply as a shoulder wrap protection from cold weather. I hope that this fashion scarf will serve its personal purpose for me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cute birthday token

I can remember the first birthday celebration of my niece last month which was attended by many families, relatives and  friends. We enjoyed the celebration a lot as much as the visitors who were around. Many foods, drinks and desserts were being served to all the guests. Before we went home, a cute birthday token was given and this was a kitty marker. Colored pink that has many uses. It can be a book marker, personalized accessory in cellphones, bags and other fashion belongings. More than the celebration, foods and gifts, what is important is the christening and the thanksgiving of the family for the new life of my nephew.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Statement T-shirt

My brother bought this fun statement T-shirt during a mall sale. I can see some youngsters who like wearing statement shirts and it also inspires me to read the fun lines being printed and probably buy one when I can have time for a sale in the mall. The quality of the shirt is nice. It is made of cotton that my brother could wear in any casual day.  Great to be paired with a denim pants and sneaker or rubber shoes. The shirt fashion of men at this time is very modern and updated and buying for the shirts that you want is easy with variety of clothing lines.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

New wall clock

The old wall clock at home is already worn out. It did not function when I tried replacing the batteries with thoughts that it might be that only the batteries were defective. The main motor no longer functioned so I decided to bought a new one as a replacement. This is the new fruity designed wall clock in light blue color of the edges. The inner background color is light yellow and the numbers are being represented by many kinds fruits. I can have this hang on the kitchen area or on my room. It is fun to look for time in the wall having this new wall clock.  

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Birthday prayer and wishes

 I am so bless today to celebrate another year of my life. A great day to glorify my Creator for the wonderful day of my birthday. My personal prayer and wishes are always the best of everything - health, finances, opportunities, continued provisions, peace, love, happiness and all the positive things that are always according to God's will. May this another year of my life continually sail and travel to the wide and vast areas of life with hope and faith. I may not know what is in store for me ahead but there is God who knows whats the best for me. To God be the glory in my special day! Amen.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Gift wrapping

I decided to bought a gift for my niece on her first birthday a couple of months ago. At present time it is important to be practical and creative as well. After I bought the gift, I also bought a ready made gift wrapper, gift tag and ribbon. When I got home, I personally did the gift wrapping and the result was just as good as it was wrapped by a pro. It pays to creative with little stuff like this. It is money and time saving technique that would always be beneficial for your pocket. My niece and her mother were very happy to received my personalized gift for the birthday.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Molave door

This front door at home has been serving its purpose for twelve years already.  It is made from a hard wood named molave that is of very good quality and kind. I think seldom this time to find hard wood like this because of forest protection of trees. We chose sunriser design for good luck. When choosing for long lasting home furnishings I always look for quality and durability. For many years this door withstand the test of sunny and rainy weathers and the quality of color never fades. There is a screen door placed in front of the door which also serves as a protection from the wood. I hope this molave door would last for many more years to come. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pink baby blanket

I attended the first birthday celebration of my niece month ago and my gift was this nice pink baby blanket. I found the item very useful especially for the baby who just turned one year old. It is made of soft materials that can be used as a plain blanket, travel baby cover, of as a bed sheet for baby to sleep. Whenever I am invited to parties or any kind of celebration, I see to it that the gift that I will give would be very usable and would lasts in time. The pink color just suits to the personality of my niece who is so cute and cuddle baby girl.

Tattoo art

I just did not know what came to the mind of my brother when he had this henna tattoo painted in his upper leg. He told me that this was an art tattoo made from henna black kind of ink. Washable and will fade for three weeks . The art was a ram head that signified his personal zodiac. I often see on younger people today that the have henna tattoos in some parts of their bodies. Looks nice and you can choose the design that you would like to be painted on your body. This is a modern art fashion that fascinated some younger yuppies this time.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Computer CPU

My brother finally decided to bought a desktop computer for home for our own use. This was the brand new central processing unit (cpu) that was part of the set that he bought in a computer store. He was the one who mainly installed the processor and other computer accessories as well as the mother board. I can say that the program is the latest and internet ready too. Now we are enjoying the benefits of having a desktop computer wherein we can do all our computer related activities at home.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Hair fixing agent

I consider my hair as one of my priority with regards to personal grooming. Everyday I see to it that my hair is clean, conditioned and brush/comb properly. Sometime I need some hair fixing agent to make it look more manageable and stays in place. So I bought this hair fixing agent in the grooming section of the grocery shop. Just put a drop in hands and rub it in a damp hair or apply after blow drying or ironing. My hair stays in place and manageable for the entire day. Its mild formulation can adjust to many different kinds of hair texture and kind.  This is already part of my daily hair regimen.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Organic moisturizing oil

I have noticed that my skin needs thorough moisturizing. Maybe because of the weather changes and also my skin easily gets dehydrated. I am no longer solved with hand and body lotion as it is no longer effective as moisturizer. I choose this organic moisturizing oil this time. It is made from lemon grass extracts that thoroughly moisturizes extra dry skin. I apply a few spritz on my hands, arms and legs. It feels soothing when I applied it for the entire day. No dry skin feeling and spasms are being minimized. I prefer organic this time for a more youthful glow.  

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fashion necklace

I like mix matching my own personal clothing with some fashionable necklace. I got this as a gift years back. It is kinda heart shape pendant in colors of brown and green. The neck strap is made of leather with a hook to settle on the neck when wearing it. I has a picture of this necklace wearing a sexy green dress. Nice accessory to have especially that it is an all around use for me in any daily activity that I will have.  I hope to buy some more latest fashion in the mall soon.

Red umbrella

The weather is unpredictable at present. Sometimes it rains in the evening and hot sunny during daytime. I decided to buy an umbrella as my protection from the changing weathers. This is quite pricey from the ordinary umbrellas in the stalls because it is made of quality and durable materials. also it is flexible to carry and keep. I like dark colors and this dark red umbrella was my choice. Now I am enjoying the protection and benefits of having an umbrella and hopefully it will serve its purpose in time.