Monday, May 23, 2011

RAV4 Accident

It was a troubled day for the family last weekend when the RAV4  that my cousin was driving got an accident. They were travelling back home last Sunday afternoon from our get together here in the city. While driving for about an hour from the city proper the pick up ahead of them suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. A full break was immediately applied in the RAV4 which did not reached the bump of the pick up. All of a sudden a rushing public utility van behind did not control and it collided the back part of the RAV4. There were many damages on the  vehicle - cracked back lights, broken door and bumper, folded plate etc. It was a terrible moment for everyone on board but thankful though because they were all safe and nothing happened to them. Now the Toyota RAV4 is schedule for repair and the insurance coverage for the damages is on process. I was thinking that driving requires lots of responsibilities and everyone should always  drive carefully and safely so that accidents like this can be avoided.

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