Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Cleaning

I did some general cleaning at home particularly in the kitchen last Sunday afternoon. I was able to really found time in doing some household clean up after many days of scheduling. At first I did not know where to start  because almost everything in the kitchen needed some thorough arrangement, wipes etc. The upper part of the sink was first wiped then arranged the necessary items in it. I threw away those unused items to de-cluttered the area. Then the sink and tiles were brushed with detergent, water and chlorine. Kitchen utensils were thoroughly washed. Refrigerator were cleaned up and the cover, clothing and hand wipes were replaced with new ones. Also the windows were cleaned brushed and changed the curtains. My accomplishments for that day was almost ninety percent and I had few more left and hopefully will be finished the next weekend. It was very tiring but I was happy to use the kitchen in clean and orderly set-up.

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