Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flooring by Sears Home Improvement (March)

I am very busy for the past weeks because I started the renovation at home. The project is quite meticulous because there are lots of things that need improvements like the installation and repairs bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, garage, utility rooms and the kitchen area. The first area that I personally focus for repair now is the floor in the living room. My friend suggested that it would be good to Laminate Floor for durability and protection. I am thankful for her because it really is important especially that the floor is one of the basic foundation of a house. The area will hopefully be finished this week and I am happy that I got some skilled and excellent workforce to do the special job. The overall home improvement will take some more months to finished but hopefully will end up very well constructed. 


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  2. I have started remodeling alone there is a lot of portion of my house needs repair so it takes full week i am very tired now.

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