Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

It is always a dream  of me and my brother to see a  special live sporting event abroad. The feeling of being part of those activities where only the chosen few like the rich and famous can see is so exciting and wonderful. I can remember we watched together the movie Iron Man and part of the story was  about F1 racing in Monaco. This early time we are searching for online reservations in the Monaco grand prix packages so that we can avail of their best deals for us. We would like to avail of the best yet affordable package so that we will enjoy and at the same time relax for the vacation. This is our gift to ourselves, a well deserving break after all those hardships in life. I am already excited for our upcoming vacation. This would truly be a worthy trip for the two of us. I am just waiting for my booking confirmation this week and hopefully plan the coming trip after.

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