Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friends Get together

I was so busy yesterday and there was no formal deal to met on Friday evening  for dinner. It was Kuyakoy who initiated and sent  text messages to me, LynLyn and Edjie that we would met in Buhangin. January 14 was LynLyns birthday and a good timing then because Edjie showed up to us after years of not seeing and keeping in touch about his whereabouts abroad. The dinner was sumptuous in a local restaurant - chicken/pork barbecue, fruit salad, kinilaw, coke lite, stir fried vegetables and  shrimps sinigang. A very satisfying treat that made the  conversation until 10:00pm. There were lots of updates about the life of Edjie who separated himself from the group for a while. Now he is back with the same punchlines "lots of payables,no money anymore". Anyway that was a happy get together with friends. I hope Libby could read some updates here.:)

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