Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was happy to received an overseas call from My the other day. She is presently pursuing her master studies in UK. Miles apart from her family and friends is sad to think sometimes but instead she keeps busy and focus herself on her studies for future plans. One of her favorite place to spend time is the school library where british library newspapers can be found. Many interesting and related topics are there and it really help My especially in her researches. Book collections about psychology, marketing, communication/media, government & politics, arts & music and many more are there to serve the students' learning needs. My told me that studying overseas is a great learning experience. She even invited me to apply and join with her because she value the importance of career advancement while being abroad. I am already reading an internet site that offers this kind of program and  it interests me on that idea and hopefully looking forward for a realizable plans on my career.

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