Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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Everybody is already excited for the coming Halloween and I am one of the busiest person who is already preparing for the said celebration. My friends as well as my siblings were already given tasks and responsibilities for the event. Raymund and Anne are now on the concepts and the program line up. It has to be a new theme for this year so that everybody will enjoy the horror scenes. Lyd and My are in-charge of the food preparation. Servings will be decorated with dark colors such as black, red, brown, violet and many more color choices. The tastes will be creamy and delicious as ever. This time to deceived the participants but in the end it will be a great and enjoyable party. I am the one who will take charge of the Awesome Halloween Costumes for all the invited guests. The attires of the guests should be matched with their personalities. I am already half done on my assignment and hopefully completed before the grand day. 

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