Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Cards (nofollow)

 I am already excited  on the coming holidays. Well  it is barely two months from now and at this early time I am preparing some lists of people to be given  gifts and also holiday cards.This is my personal way of giving thanks to my family, friends and office mates for the great things that they contributed to my life in many different ways this year. For the gifts in kind I would like to have personalized items such as mugs, statement shirts, key holders, key chains and decors. For the cards, I want my  message to be personally written to have a personalized touch of me in celebration of the holidays. There will be lots of celebrations before the year 2010 ends and it is very important to plan ahead all the necessary things so that cramming can be avoided when it comes. I would even encourage my siblings, Anne,Dick and Ruben to prepare for their holiday plans too. Perhaps Mymy and Lyd would like to try the cards as their gifts for Christmas and New year. Looking forward for a great holiday celebration and I am hoping that all things will be realized as planned.

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