Friday, September 03, 2010

free business cards

I had been busy for the past weeks because I attended a workshop. It was an important activity for me as part of my networking business. The workshop was all about  planning, product knowledge, marketing strategies, customer relations, goals and many more. In short it was a comprehensive and productive training for me. Now is the time to face reality and honestly it is quite hard. But I am carefully taking one step at a time making sure I start with the very basic part of my strategies. Definitely I have to introduced myself to my prospects first  so what I am planning to do now is to give them free business cards. Through this I would be able to inform them about my name, address, contact number, email address and other related information if ever they would like to order products or for their membership. I choose a business card that is simple, readable, nice graphics, nice fonts and attractive to my customers. The picture of a card above is a good sample for me.

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