Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Deceiver

I watched the television early morning and saw the news about the declaration of Apolo Quiboloy on the presidential candidate that he would be supporting on the coming election. Some presidential hopefuls are eager to know because of votes that they will be getting from the said to be 6 million members. He was  emotional wiping his tears while announcing his support to the presidential bid of  Gibo Teodoro. He was making deceitful pretenses as if he was overwhelmed saying the Almighty Father appointed the president of this nation. This man who self titled himself as the "Appointed Son of God" is absolutely heretic, a false christ who totally deceived people. He is just using his kingdom of stupid idiot followers for his own personal benefit.  I don't know why there are still people from here and abroad who believed to the  preachings of this false prophet. You are just being fooled by this man. Those who are members of this cult organization, you still have time to escape from this great deceiver.  

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