Monday, May 31, 2010

Todays Flowers

I am happy to see these  flowers of my dancing lady orchids again.I thought it would not survived because of  too much heat this summer season.  No enough shade from the mango tree now because it was cut and the orchid was specially tied on the dead trunk. Good thing its still alive. Just like these flowers, may we continue to bloom in any season of life.  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Idol Winner Lee

It was a great timing yesterday because when I got home I was able to watched the replay of the finale of season 9 American Idol. Over 2 hours of beautiful performances from various artists like Cristina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood and many more. Lee Dewyze is very much deserving to be the winner of this season. He has been consistent since the beginning of the show. Another "gwapo" and talented guy. He would be another star to watch out  and I am looking forward to hear his album  soon. Congrats and good luck, Lee!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yellow Monday


It is summer time here and I am happy to see the yellow bell flowers blooming in the pathway at home. Three bright yellow bells lined up in the branch for a shot and very perfect  for my entry for  the first day of the week. Happy Yellow Monday to everyone!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Casey on Idol

I haven't seen some of the weekly presentation of the American Idol on television because I am often times busy but last Thursday I was able to catch up the replay of the show. One of my admired contestant for season 9 is Casey James.  He is one talented guy who did good performances since the season started. He is so "gwapo" good looking plus his singing talent made me admired him more. You are such a cutie!! Casey is one of my bet for the top 2 for the finals but he was voted off this week. With your craft and personality there's so much more ahead for you. Good luck,Casey James.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Red Notebook

I like taking down notes and one thing that is always present in my bag is this little red notebook. It is very handy with multi colored leaves of green,violet,blue and pink. Made of quality and elegant paper that I can always bring with me whether I am using a small carried  or baggy bag. This mini notebook is very useful for recording some important notes, telephone numbers, valuable/ useful ideas, grocery shops, to do lists and many more. It can be a good stationery too. I am trying to save some spaces when  writing so that the pages would not be consumed immediately. A  must have for my everyday living.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Office OT

I timed out in  the office at six thirty (6:30pm) already. An extended time to make some important consolidation of reports from the month of April up to the second week of May. Few returns were uploaded to prioritized the said reports. I feel a little tired now but it is not the same as the feeling I had on previous busy months. I finished all the reports today and they are now ready for approval and signature of the bosses tomorrow.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Julie and her baby

I had a chance to keep in touch with Julie yesterday and we had happy chats after months of not hearing about each other's lives. She is a proud mommy now of her 8 month old baby girl Karla Joy. I am glad to know about her life in Texas. She's been doing great with her new bundle of joy. I told her that she has the amazing career in the world as a mom. She said though it is tiresome at times but the happiness is very rewarding. I hope you can spend a vacation here soon with baby Karla.

Choose Organic

I like using organic products because they are naturally made without harsh chemical ingredients. This organic Plantex bath soap is my personal use and everybody at home like to use it too. The product line of Plantex are very beneficial and healthy to use and I was thankful for my cousin who introduced it to me. This is my personal way of helping mother earth by using organic products that promote care for self and the environment. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moviewatch: Iron Man 2

I spent the weekend together  with my bro and sis. We watched the movie Iron Man 2 at the theater mall. This was another movie to expect  after the first Iron Man. We were entertained by the stunts and flicks of Iron Man played by the actor Robert Downey,Jr. as Tony Stark. The fight scenes were impressive and there were lots of special effects that made the movie exciting to watch for over two (2) hours of showing. I can say that this is one movie likely to see this summer and hoping for the part 3-- coming soon. Our weekend was great and watching movie was one good bonding for us.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Day

I woke early this morning to participate in the national elections. May 10 is declared as non working holiday so the people can vote for the president, vice president,senators,congressman,mayor and councilors in their respective areas. The voting process was quite disorganized because  of the newly implemented automated election. This is my first time to vote using the automated machine wherein my vote would automatically tally to the corresponding candidates of my choice. I was very careful especially with my ballot so that it wont be rejected by the machine. I finished voting early afternoon and it was  successful. This is one act of being a real citizen of this counry.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Winning Team

My  vote for the coming election on May 10 is final and they would be Aquino for president and Roxas for the vice president. I choose them because they are the only team who have the integrity and I believe that they both have the sincerity and honesty to serve the people and the country. There were many black propaganda against them for the past months. Many created negative publicities to destroy them personally but it did not affect them during the whole  campaign season. Today is the last day of the campaign period and the country is now ready for the first automated nationwide elections on Monday, May 10. Hoping for a clean, honest and orderly election at this time  May the Divine intervention be with each of the Filipino people in choosing the right candidates for the country. God bless, Philippines! 

Weekend update

The week has been doing great so far. I was of f at work earlier this Friday and spent time with my sister. We planned to have a stress and beauty regimen because we thought that we already deserved it. I did some thorough facial treatment and my sister had a whole body massage. Our session lasted for an hour and a half. I felt some pains during the session but it was worth it because my face was very clean and relaxed. After we had dinner together at mandarin with some hot soup of wanton and siomai and beef topings. We hope to have another weekend like this again soon.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

When I strolled on the hilly areas of  Cottonwood Heights, this yellow car parked on the street caught my camera attention. It was mid afternoon then and this area was very quiet. Seldom people from the neighborhood can be seen so I just took this shot then back to home after a great walking adventure. Happy yellow Monday to all!!

Fashion Rings

These  rings are commonly used as fashion nowadays as I have seen them in shops, bargains and at the shopping malls. It can be a nice fashion to accentuate your get up for daily use especially that the designs are of the latest theme. It can be worn by  women groups of any age. I was happy to have these fashion rings and I usually wear them with  casual attires. These  accessories are very affordable and so having  trendy fashion statement is always worth a try.   

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Deceiver

I watched the television early morning and saw the news about the declaration of Apolo Quiboloy on the presidential candidate that he would be supporting on the coming election. Some presidential hopefuls are eager to know because of votes that they will be getting from the said to be 6 million members. He was  emotional wiping his tears while announcing his support to the presidential bid of  Gibo Teodoro. He was making deceitful pretenses as if he was overwhelmed saying the Almighty Father appointed the president of this nation. This man who self titled himself as the "Appointed Son of God" is absolutely heretic, a false christ who totally deceived people. He is just using his kingdom of stupid idiot followers for his own personal benefit.  I don't know why there are still people from here and abroad who believed to the  preachings of this false prophet. You are just being fooled by this man. Those who are members of this cult organization, you still have time to escape from this great deceiver.  

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy May Day

Sending you warm wishes for a bright and beautiful May Day
May your life be filled with lots of happiness now and always...