Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Shirt

I had more time during noon break yesterday so I visited a specialty shop and bought this t-shirt for my bother. Cotton, casual shirt  that he can wear daily. The material is durable and comfortable especially these hot weather days. Pricing in that shop is affordable and I have many choices from men, women and children's apparels.A nice place to shop  next time.   He was very happy thankful that I bought this shirt.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Special Eyeglasses

Last Saturday I went to the ophthalmologist clinic to get the new special eyeglasses of my father. He had been operated from cataract for 2 months now and the doctor required him an eyeglass specially for his new vision. My father's recovery was fast and doing very good now.  He is back to normal life again and can read, watch TV and see things very clearly. The eyeglasses have dual purpose where he can use it for reading or as sunglasses when exposed in the outdoors. It is quite pricey but very beneficial for him. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Memory Card

I just bought a new memory card for my digital camera last weekend. It is SD for the Canon brand of digital cam with 2GB capacity. It can transfer data faster and has huge capacities for pictures, documents and other important personal files.This is very important tool especially in my blogging activities. I used to dwell with my old memory card because it was destroyed with more important pictures that was saved in it. I can no longer access that card because  it  appeared memory card error. I hope  this new one would serve its purpose and that it wont easily get corrupted or error. More picture shots to save in the days ahead  as I have now my new memory card.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Camera Critters

Camera Critters

A cute shot of a pug who followed with me while I was strolling in Cottonwoods. A small breed of dog with short muzzled face and  curled tail. This chubby pug often follows to passers by in front of its owners' house just for a few walks away then immediately returns to its house. If given a chance to take care of a dog I would choose this cute one. Enjoy your weekend and happy clicking!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Filing

Today is the deadline for filing of the annual income tax. Many people lined up in the receiving section to have their papers received and stamped by the revenue office. I also filed my income tax for the year 2009 and attached the creditable withheld so that I can avail for the refundable. It was not hard for me to make the returns because I used to made the tax filing for the business. The form that I filed for this year is 1700 with the attachment of 2307. It was an overpayment because the exemption on my status increased for this year. It is a refundable and I am looking forward for the said refund soon. There is no more extension and  this is the last day   of the filing schedule. The bureau would impose penalty charges to those who are late filers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Is It

I   had a chance to watch the movie of Michael Jackson     " This is it " ,   a  documentary- concert film that documented rehearsals and preparation for MJ's supposed to be concert but cancelled due to his death. It was a fantastic performance of Michael Jackson I should say though it was only  a rehearsal. He personally directed himself the great dance moves. He was a critic and always go for perfection in every performance. He seemed full of energies in almost every number. He was a great loss in the music industry but his memories will always remain. You were one great performer, Michael Jackson.

Provide a quick link to our site

I enjoy reading different kinds of information on the internet. I learned a lot as it always update me with any related topic that I wanted to know. While doing some household stuff last week, I have noticed that the basement of the house was having a problem. There were big cracks and the painted plywood began to decay. This is another major repair problem that needs to be done  as early as possible. I immediately check  the article alley site and look out on the Article directory some possible remedies regarding this problem. I learned that the basement should be constructed properly and be always protected from water to prevent from early decay. Careful and thorough planning should be made and also the quality of the materials be always considered. I am thankful for the articles posted on this website. I learned so many useful information about my house problem. Maybe I would also refer this to My who is also experiencing problems like this at her home. There are many informative articles according to categories online so just check it out .

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Card Error

I am a little frustrated at the start of this week. The memory card of my Canon digital camera no longer works. I was trying to fix it since last last week until I can no longer take shots or upload pictures because the screen appears "memory card error". There are some important pictures in the card but only a few saved on my files. I requested Dick to help me recover the files on the memory card. I am hoping he could fix  this week because it is very  important  especially on my post updates. 

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Let us all rejoice in the triumph of the Lord.
May our lives be blessed with His great Love on Easter and always.
A joyous Easter to all!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Banner Stands

I was assigned last week to make an inquiry on cheap banner stands. My cousin needs it immediately for his use on the upcoming campaign. I am a very helpful and accommodating person so I offered my  services to him. An online store that specializes in printing and graphics caught my attention while browsing the web. It offers stands and graphics for indoor use which is very  useful for my cousin's campaign. A perfect stand to show off the message which can immediately caught one's attention. What a  great advertising idea! The materials are of good quality and the prices are very affordable. I can specify my printing size options and the store would immediately save my order specifications. It is very convenient and I can easily process my request through the website. The items that I requested are now ready for shipment and I am excited to receive the orders. With many upcoming events on schedule, the can easily assist on your needs. Just check out the site for more interesting offers.