Friday, March 12, 2010

Hermit Crab Lovers 1

It was my first time to pet a hermit crab and I was very happy to take care of this small, soft-bodied marine crustacean living in cast-off shell. Everybody at home enjoyed the minute detail of this cute animal while crawling and climbing to its small shelter. Having this pet needs a personal attitude of being responsible especially on its health. One day some Hermit Crabs Mites were found on my pet. I was very worried that it might be infected and the crab would die. I did all that I can with the help of an online site that talks about some helpful tips on hermit crab lovers like me. From there I learned a lot of things on how to take good care of the hermit crab as pet. Now the hermit crab at home is very alive and  healthy. Even my nephew and nieces enjoy it and take extra care too when I am not around.It really pays to check out online for some valuable tips regarding the hermit crab.

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