Friday, March 19, 2010


I've recently experienced some vision problems and I think these are  related to the nature of my work and also my lifestyle. I am always in front of computer uploading the different kinds of forms in the office. This job takes  more than eight hours everyday and I can now  feel some eye strain and fatigue. Aside from this I also make daily updates on my online site. These things are considered to be factors that caused some defects on my sight. Since I am an online enthusiast, I chose to shop for  the site which offers an eye wear that would fit to my optical needs. The website has wide range of quality eye glasses and the prices are very affordable. I like the stylish,bi-focal and anti-scratch eyeglass with quality frame. The design is simple  yet elegant to wear. Maybe I can add on a full UV protection so I can wear it outdoors. The sun has many damaging effects so I need to protect myself especially this summer. Wearing eyeglasses this time is my  choice because caring for my vision is my ultimate concern. 

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