Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Movie Watch - 2012

My weekend was busy but I really spent a time to watched the movie 2012 in the big screen. I was with Dick and his friend. While waiting for the last full show screening of 9:30pm, the lobby area of cinema 1 of NCCC Mall was lined up of movie goers. Many were really interested to watch this movie. When I entered the cinema, it was full packed of people and good thing we found a good sitting place. The movie was all about the doomsday of December 12,2012 . It was an action, drama and adventure movie that depicts what might happen when 2012 comes. Big floods, high intensity earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many calamities happened. The introduction up to the end was all worth watching for. I enjoyed the 3-hours of the screening and it was fun and entertaining.Thumbs up for this great movie 2012!

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