Saturday, November 28, 2009

Posing Ostrich

Camera Critters

A pose of an ostrich during my camera adventure in a nature's park here in the city. I think this ostrich took a rest for a while because he was tired of running in a wide land area where they are exclusively taken cared of. This is my entry for this weekends' camera critters. Happy clicking to all!!.

Saturday OT

It is Saturday again. I did an overtime work earlier today and was not able to finished because the system signed off at 7:oopm. The server has a weekly maintenance and update so I think the data center needed to logged-out all the users. I was able to upload several backlogs that would be counted for my output. It was already dark on the downtown streets when I got out of the office. I ordered a hot chicken congee meal in Chowking restaurant. A delicious meal that really filled up my growling hunger. Now I am feeling full from dinner and ready for some post updates here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

There are many events that happened for this year. It maybe happiness, excitement, sadness. etc.These made up our continued existence and struggles in this world. It made life more meaningful and wonderful to live.
May this celebration gives you a warmth of joy, abundance of happiness and lots of blessings. Give thanks & enjoy life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Flowers

Chrysanthemum and Gerbera bloom in November and considered as the flowers of the month. They are the symbol of happiness and friendship. Hope your day looks bright, beautiful and blooming as these flowers.

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Exam

The week has been tough for me in balancing work and school schedules. I slept at early dawn already because I had to study for the examination. Time is just cooperative at the start of the day. This evening, I finished my subject exam ( first term) in accounting with proper concentration.(thanks!) The exam was all about concepts, theories and framework of the course. Identifying the correct words that best describe the statement. There were also acronyms that needed to be answered in full words. This course is an extra challenge for me. I hope to persevere the whole semester.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

World Hello Day

Whatever your language is.....
Tagalog (Filipino): Kamusta
Danish Hej
Dutch: Hallo
Finnish: hei, heippa or "moi"
German: Guten Tag
Hawaiian: Aloha
Korean: Annyong ha simnikka or ANYO
Spanish: Hola, Buenos dias
Swedish: God dag
Thai (from Girl) sa-wa DEE kah
Portugese (Brazillian)OLÁ


Camera Critters

Camera Critters
A curious stray cat behind the maluggay leaves captured my camera attention one rainy morning at home. It took me a while to got this shot because the cat was walking on top of the cemented fence. I had to call him to get his attention and he turned back for a pose. Great timing kitty cat. You are now my feature for today's camera critters.

Rainy Days

Davao City is experiencing rainy days for almost a week now. It is not like the usual one time heavy down pour but a continued little rains that would stop for a while and then fall again and again.... well, this is what we call climate change.It is a mess walking down the watery and muddy streets in the down town area. I have to wear a hoodie jacket and umbrella as protection from the cold and rain. I already miss the sunshine. I hope the sun will come up this Sunday weekend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bid and Win

I like shopping on many kinds of gadgets in the online market because you can have wide ranged of choices that are very much cheap, quality and updated. My brother and I was able to have some gadgets that we liked so much and we were able to bid and get the items through the site This is the only unique auction site offering great gadgets that you can buy and at the same time win. You can bid with the different offers of your choice through the website. The process on how to join is very easy as stated and explained in the site. I had a good chance because I was able to bid the Mc Book Pro and the Digital SLR. These are the gadgets that I had been wanting to avail. Through my online bidding I was able to have these personal favorites. My brother Dick was also lucky to have the Nintendo and AppleIpod. As I know, he had been bidding for these gadgets for quite sometime. After patiently joining in the online bidding he was able to get them all. His patience really paid a reward. As you know, online bidding is fun and challenging. That is why the two of us are really addicts as far as online activity is concerned. It was worth a challenge and you just have to know the rules and procedures so that the entire bidding activity would be easy. There are lots of new gadgets posted in the site and you can choose any kind that you think you would really need according to your lifestyle choices. Bid with gadgets that are truly useful. That is one of my suggestion as far my own experiences are concerned. So that when you received the item you would never regret but instead be thankful for the opportunity that this online website is offering. Christmas is coming up and so this is a good chance to shop some gadgets as gifts for friends and family this holiday season. I have many good remarks about the site but it would be better if you check out online to know more about interesting details on what I am blogging in here.

Weekend Movie Watch - 2012

My weekend was busy but I really spent a time to watched the movie 2012 in the big screen. I was with Dick and his friend. While waiting for the last full show screening of 9:30pm, the lobby area of cinema 1 of NCCC Mall was lined up of movie goers. Many were really interested to watch this movie. When I entered the cinema, it was full packed of people and good thing we found a good sitting place. The movie was all about the doomsday of December 12,2012 . It was an action, drama and adventure movie that depicts what might happen when 2012 comes. Big floods, high intensity earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many calamities happened. The introduction up to the end was all worth watching for. I enjoyed the 3-hours of the screening and it was fun and entertaining.Thumbs up for this great movie 2012!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Confirmation of Ayana

I attended Aya's confirmation and just received some pictures taken during that celebration from her mom Fairylene. I was Aya's godparent during her confirmation and I remembered that it was a nice activity. The grade six students received their sacrament of confirmation from the bishop of the archdiocese. They sang beautiful christian songs that were meaningful to the sacrament that they received. It was quite a long hours of ceremony and ended very well organized. Thanks Panot for the photos and good luck to Aya on her studies.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Updates this Week

It has been a busy and stressful week because of office work during day time and class during the evening. I was so drained and not able to update my blog posts for days here. This is a week of time adjustment to work and class. I even have to shorten my working time in the office so that I can break myself and shift into the study mode of my accounting class. It is hard but I hope I can persevere on this until March. God bless me..

Monday, November 09, 2009

Thanks, Google

I was happy to know that my PR was back again by Google after several months of being rank less due to unknown reasons. When I checked it though the domain checker the rank is back again. Thanks to Google for indexing and bringing back my site into the scene.

Another Week of Hectic Schedule

I haven't recovered yet from the weekend activities. I was thinking yesterday that it was Saturday and today is Sunday because I don't have time to relax for a while. The whole Sunday was all cooking, cleaning, laundry and arranging of the mess at home. Monday is always a busy day in the office but I manage my time for an earlier break so that I can still have time to prepare for class after office time-off. I already reported in my first day of class but the professor is absent so I went out of class after 30 minutes of waiting. I already familiarized my self to the school scene that I used to have years ago. It feels like I am very occupied for today with all the things to attend to. I got headache this afternoon. Just thankful that I still managed all the things for today.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Enrollment Day

A very exhausting day for me since this morning until late afternoon. I processed my enrollment in a university to earn for units in Accounting course. Good thing because my transcript was evaluated ahead of the time or else I had to stay long for the evaluation process. It was a line up of the enrollees from morning until the late afternoon. I patiently waited my turn for the subject loading and assessment for 5 hours. At last, I finished my enrollment today and my time spent was not wasted. My class will start next week and hopefully I would enjoy and learn on this new endeavor.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Cloud Watching

A sunny afternoon shot of the blue sky with cotton-like forming clouds. Branches of the magic tree here are blooming even with the hot weather. It was humid for the past weeks in the city while some other places were on typhoon. This is now one of the effects of climate change in varying weather patterns just the same as life. Happy Skywatching to all! Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Best Supercharger

It is always important to look for the best and quality air compressors especially if you own a high end car. I would like to give my positive review about this online site that offers great services on supercharger needs. I availed good benefits from this site for my pontiac supercharger because my car now is doing good on its performance. All orders come with free shipping so you never have to worry about delivery costs at all. Just visit the site for more interesting offers.

TOR Evaluation

I made an excuse at the office this afternoon to go to the nearby university and have my transcript of records be evaluated. This is just part of my career plans soon . I have my school records be evaluated for some accounting subjects that I will be planning to enroll this second semester. It took me an hour for the evaluation and I received from the registrars office a temporary copy of the subjects that I will be qualified to enroll. This would require some planning though. I hope to come up a decision on the coming days.

Month-End Reports

The start of this week was very busy. I need to submit the last weeks' accomplishment and the monthly report for the month of October. Good thing that I was able to finished and submitted it immediately to the regional office. The report would be the basis for my performance and compensation for last month's work. It is quite stressful because of the additional load given to me but hoping this week for some rewarding benefits of my hard work.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

PDF Search Engine

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