Friday, October 09, 2009

My Special Day of Celebration,Fun,DayOff and Surprises

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and it was indeed a great day of celebration for another year of life . I am very grateful for the things that happened yesterday. Everything was just so favorable and the atmosphere was all great. Early morning I was receiving lots of text messages and calls from friends and family. I thought that I deserved a break and so I asked my boss if I could be off at work and he approved it. Great! I had all the time for the day.

My friends Libby, Ken and Kuya Dong treated me to a pizza restaurant and we were served by a giant serving of pizza and bottomless drink. The crew of the restaurant surprised me with a birthday serenade. A special birthday ice cream was served for me as the celebrant. I never expected that they would agreed with the restaurant crew and planned with them for that wonderful surprise. We enjoyed the dinner together with lots of unending chats.
My birthday for this year was truly memorable and wonderful. And for this my heartfelt gratitude to all the blessings. Cheers!

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  1. happy birthday joyce!!! may you have many healthy and abundant years to come and may God bless all your dreams.