Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It's a Boo Day

Hope yours is a heap of fun.


Creeping Snail

Camera Critters

While strolling one evening at home's backyard, I saw this snail in a slow creeping mode. It took almost a minute for the snail to crawl an inch so I carefully watched until its head came out and took this shot. Picture perfect for today's camera critters. Happy clicking to all!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Fruit Ball

Green, ball round magic fruit that blooms at home's front yard. They say this tree is medicinal from the leaves to its fruits. The fruit ( size of a basketball) is quite heavy already so I put the branch on the bar fence to prevent from breaking and falling. There are still more fruits coming up on the other branches and that I will be checking out on the coming days. Have a great green Thursday to all.

Reduced Power Bill

It is a little relief for me to received my monthly bill for the electric consumption this month. The total amount due reduced by about 30% of the average payment that I had for the past months. Energy saving really helped a lot by educating other consumers at home. I can now pay it in full before the due date next month. This really helps a lot as far as budget and monthly expenses are concerned.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

I have some lined and arranged plant pots at home near the fence. When I strolled last Sunday afternoon, I saw these tiny red flowers of ginseng. The plant has been in the pot for 10 years already and it is my first time to saw the ginseng bearing some flowers. I immediately took a shot just perfect for today's Ruby Tuesday. Happy Red Day to all!!

Online car search

I know through the internet about , a site who is in a new venture for only 3 years now. This is a very different from any other car portal in the UK because it focuses on all aspects of car purchase and research. While other sites purely focus on Used Cars, New Cars or Car Leasing. has something unique to offer, via this uniqueness they stolen a march on their competition. The uniqueness in is that it allows consumers to search and inquire on New Cars,Used cars , Car Leasing, Contract Hire and Van Leasing and even compare offers across all of these purchase routes. even supplies independent Car Reviews and links to competitive loans and insurance. Ensuring they have something to offer to anyone who is looking to buy a car, new or used, lease or cash. Very unique offers indeed! Please check out more about interesting deals on the online site.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

United Nations Day

In 1947, The United Nations General Assembly declared October 24 as its anniversary as which it shall be devoted to making known to the peoples of the world the aims and achievements of the United nations and to gaining their support for its work. There are many member nations who are celebrating this important day for the UN. The organization have helped many people in different countries. This day is worth a celebration of caring for the world and the people.

"The United Nations is doing its utmost to respond — to address the big issues, to look at the big picture. We are forging a new multilateralism that can deliver real results for all people, especially those most in need."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message on UN Day, 24 October 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Paid Policies

It is quite a relief this time that I was able to fully paid the two insurance policies of my brother. The insurances have premiums payable for five years that started last 2004. I was monitoring the company's billings and dues since last month so that I could be aware if ever there are still unpaid premiums before the maturity dates. I tried calling the domestic toll free of Ayala Insurance company and inquired on the policies' status. It feels happy to hear "the policy is already fully paid". After years of patiently paying such obligation is one personal achievement and success. Hoping for the good rewards and benefits in the future.

Exceptional Creativity of the Internet

I had been using the internet for quite some time already and I am very amazed by this computer network that facilitates data transmission and exchange. The concept behind the internet is really genius. I had a hard time the other day on some received files that include some pictures. It took me an hour to analyze on what to do in such a way that it would fit to my desired results. I spent time searching on the internet about the how to and what to do on my online problem. At last after patiently clicking on some helpful tools, I found the solution and it really helped and solved my problem. The internet is a very useful tool for many information. Thanks for this great innovation.

Back to School with an Insulated Lunch Tote

Its back to school again! Parents are now busy on what things to prepare for their kids during the school season. This time is usually tough if you are not updated with the kids' personal necessities. Their lifestyle require a lot of demand and attention and so I found these helpful belongings that would surely fit to their needs. The mint insulated lunch tote is one helpful and trendy to own. It is made of good quality material with different kinds of colors to choose from. Another back to school item on my list is the personalized toddler kids backpack. I love the cute, trendy and personalized backpacks best suited for the kids on the go for school. Very durable and many complete lines that would truly suit your picky needs. The nap mat is another perfect item to buy especially for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartens. The material is of good quality. It is easy and very practical to use. These back to school items are one of the important things to consider when buying for the needs of the children. There are many fun and interesting items online so better check it out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Workload

Another workload was given to me and I started it yesterday. It is not that hard and just the same with the previous tasks that I did. The bulk of transactions increased to a certain quota in my designated section and I was given full responsibility on the weekly and monthly reporting. I was so stressed out when I started this work and went out of the office very late already than the usual 5:00pm office time out. I am still on the process of familiarizing myself and feeling like a mess of this new assignment. Hope I could be adjusted on my new workload before the week ends.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Photo Moments

My friend Libby sent me some of our pictures taken during their vacation here a few weeks ago. Some of these were taken during their birthday treat to me and also when I visited them at home where we shared lots of food and chats. Also Fairylene shared her photo shots here so thanks girls for sharing your pics.
bday pics
Its nice to see our great moments together and looking forward for another reunion soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Think Green Thursday

A shot of an island in Subic Bay with trees growing in the middle of the sea. While watching this picture it seems that the land part had been quarried. It might be denuded by natural causes and the land structure is affected and deformed over time. The greens are very helpful in preservation of the ecology of the island.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diamond Award for Nina Live

I owned a copy of Nina's CD album "Nina Live" some years ago and I am fascinated until this time of her voice as a soul siren. She is one great singer who received just recently a Diamond Record Award making her the first female artist in the country to sold 200,000 copies. I had her album before it was launched and introduced in the market last 2005. When I first heard the CD, it was amazing to hear her unique voice in all the songs. I even brought it in the office and play on my computer's media player and wont get tired of listening to all the tracks. You are one deserving singer of your craft. Congratulations, Nina!

Christmas Atmosphere

I visit a nearby shopping mall after office work this afternoon and it is nice to see lots of beautiful decorations in colors of red, gold and green. Many poinsettia flowers are on display. The music that plays is "...chestnuts roasted in an open fire...and I wish you merry Christmas.." Oh it feels Christmas already! Its very early to smell the Christmas air in many places like the mall and its fun to see colorful stuffs for the coming season. Time is just so fast especially on the "ber" months. Two months to go for Christmas and looking forward for this joyous time of the year.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Network Offline

My work had been paralyzed since last week due to the network's failure in the computer system connection. There was no response from the server when signing in and just automatically timed out its connection. It was reported from the data center that there was a problem with the service provider. Some banks who are using the same provider were offline too.My work load is now on a high stack pile of the five days transaction. The system just resumed its normal functions this morning and in as much as I would like to finish everything, well I really cant do it all. I hope to lessen all the backlogs before this week ends.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Candle in the Dark

Sundays are often relaxing to me because it is the only time of the week where I can give my self a break from the stress of the weekdays. But not like yesterday. A total black-out was experienced in the southern part of the city where my village is situated. It lasted about an hour and a half. This candle on top of a chair in the living room was the only surviving light in the midst of darkness. It was hard because I cannot do anything but to wait until the power was back. Good thing because I prepared and ate dinner earlier so it did not bring hassle to me in the kitchen. My planned activities for the evening was canceled. This might be the symptom of power crisis as reported on television before. I hope it will not get worse or else most of the livelihood will really suffer.

Perfume Gift

This is the birthday gift that I received from my friend Libby, Green Tea Scent Spray by Elizabeth Arden. I am very much thankful for her genuine thoughts of making my birthday so special. The perfume has a nice, mild and very feminine scent. I already use it today before going to work. It adds some touch of confidence and I just feel so special wearing the perfume. Thanks again Libby & Ken for our wonderful moments together here during your vacation. Till we meet again.:D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friendly Chats after Offline

Its Saturday again! I supposed to have an overtime this afternoon at the office but failed to do so because the system server was offline. There was a connection problem so I spent the whole afternoon just killing time. Good thing because the section chief treated us with some merienda food before going home. At least my time at the office was not wasted. From the office I visited the boutique business of my friend and try to see hows her business is doing. We had lots of chats about her business, family and personal life updates. I also advised her about some valid documents to process for her business license. For this Saturday I feel so relax and still have time to update my posts here.

Friday, October 09, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Justify FullIt's nice to be posting for today's skywatch once again. I took this pic at home one afternoon when the sky was so cloudy and about to rain. The green leaves of malunggay and some dried branches of a tree at the park were seemed eager waiting for the rainfall. Happy skywatching to all and have a great weekend.

My Special Day of Celebration,Fun,DayOff and Surprises

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and it was indeed a great day of celebration for another year of life . I am very grateful for the things that happened yesterday. Everything was just so favorable and the atmosphere was all great. Early morning I was receiving lots of text messages and calls from friends and family. I thought that I deserved a break and so I asked my boss if I could be off at work and he approved it. Great! I had all the time for the day.

My friends Libby, Ken and Kuya Dong treated me to a pizza restaurant and we were served by a giant serving of pizza and bottomless drink. The crew of the restaurant surprised me with a birthday serenade. A special birthday ice cream was served for me as the celebrant. I never expected that they would agreed with the restaurant crew and planned with them for that wonderful surprise. We enjoyed the dinner together with lots of unending chats.
My birthday for this year was truly memorable and wonderful. And for this my heartfelt gratitude to all the blessings. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sleepy Wednesday

I showed lack of attention for the entire day at work. I felt sleepy in front of the computer. Too bad because I cannot concentrate well on my uploading and backlogs. Good thing because the system was also sleepy (joined with me)..hehe..It was on an off-on-off service since this morning and totally offline this afternoon. I felt relieved though sad to see more files coming up on my table. I arrived home early dawn already because I spent the night in a party again with Ken & Libby. We chatted a lot and seemed we cant lost some topics about each of our lives. It was only the three of us who joined the yummy dinner together-- steamed crabs, pancit guisado, roasted chicken, chocolate cake and buko salad. I can proudly say that I ate a lot of crabs!!! We are planning to see each other again before they fly back in Australia this weekend.

About AION

Online games are fun and there are lots of choices to find on the internet about this craze on web games. I searched online and found this site about aion. I find this online web game very fantastic and entertaining. Here you can learn about online games that are very updated and modern. Some basic tutorials for the beginners for familiarization of the different kinds of games. At fist for me it was quite hard because I was not get used to the modern way like this site games. However, as I continued learning about the online games, I am now able to understand the mechanics. It is easy that you can even invite your friends to play with you where you can play in an uncrowded setting. There are lots of characters to choose from according to your preferences. Some characters are very unique where you can truly enjoy all the online games. The site has lots of avid fans and viewers where you can read about their comments and updates on the aion forum. Here you can also share thoughts about the games of the site. More interesting online games is up now so better check out the site for more details.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hair Accessories

I went to a nearby shopping mall this weekend and was glad to bought these 2 headbands in one discounted price. I find it durable and comfortable to use on hair. I also love the colors of black and brown where I can mix and match with my daily get up. Great deals to avail when shopping for some girly things.

I Love Shoes

I am a shoe fanatic but I am not an impulsive shoe shopper. When I shop for shoes I always see to it that I buy a good quality one. This is my gift for myself lately, a pair of ecco brand shoes. I find it durable made of leather and with soft soles that make my feet very comfortable to walk on. A worthy to buy item that gives a rewarding feeling that I always deserved.

Jasmine Web Directory

It is very important to be knowledgeable at this present time about the internet. This is already the main stream for online activities wherein you can find a lot of important facts and inquiries that you want to know in general terms. One thing to consider about choosing the web directory is that you can have various kind of topics according to your preferences of search. Aside from this there is also a SEO friendly web directory that process the targeting of keywords and keyword phrases related to a Web site. When I did my online search for variety of topics, I never experienced a hard time looking for any specific topic based on my general search. Just like when you check out Yahoo directory where you can find lots of subjects in any given main category. I can always on search in any relevant topic about life and living and find many sub categories according to my preferences. It is hassle free and I can learn a lot from it in one easy online clicking. This is one great web innovation that is very useful to me in my online activities.

Friday, October 02, 2009

October Gladness

Yehey, its already October! Glad to be in the tenth month of the year already. This is my month and time just flies so fast again. It is always a pleasure to savor the year's life moments whether sad, happy or depressing. What is important is how much have you lived life until at this time and making the most out of it. Go Girl! :D

Blog Advertising Store

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