Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holiday Monday

A great day for the start of this week. It is Monday and happy to spend the day by waking up late in the morning, sipping hot coffe with cream bread & cheese, do laundry and arranging some little mess at home. Today is declared non working holiday in celebration of ed'l fitir (end of Ramadan) of the Islam community. I am supposed to transact payments today for my cousin but the bank is on holiday also in the mall. I have to do it maybe tomorrow then. I am waiting for an email for the approval of my new domain but I haven't received it yet. It would be 5 days waiting period as stated on the first email. I am looking forward for some good news hopefully tomorrow. As for now I have to enjoy this very relaxing day in a very hot weather that feels like summer because tomorrow is another busy day of work.

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