Thursday, September 03, 2009

Discernment for Sen. Noy Aquino

I watched last night on television about the country's political update on the upcoming elections. Sen. Mar Roxas had been very transparent about his bid for the presidential elections next year. His decision to quit for presidency and giving way for Sen. Noy Aquino made national headlines until today. It was a painful decision for Sen. Roxas for quitting his long time ambition seat for Malacanang and also a big challenge for Sen. Aquino if he wants to accept the political party's endorsement for presidential election. The Aquino family is still mourning for the late Pres.Cory and they are still on the process of grieving. Now here comes another decision that their family is facing. I think Sen. Noy really needs to discern whether he wants to accept the challenge or not. He needs to gather his toughts by judging wisely and objectively because managing the current state of the nation is very difficult. The local television news reported this afternoon that Sen.Noy is here in Davao. Maybe he chooses the city as one of the nice place to discern about his plans. Hope you could make a good judgment after considering all the things in your political career. Good luck.

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