Thursday, September 24, 2009

Disappointingly waiting for approval

I was glad to received an email notification last week regarding the approval of my submitted url in a paying site. In the email stated that I have to agree to the terms and conditions which I did and wait for 5 days for the site instructions. I am a little disappointed since yesterday because I have not received any email yet. It is already over the allowable period. There is no feedback until this moment. So I again re-send my previously sent message thinking that it was not received by the site host. It is disappointing because I had been positive about this and looking forward to start receiving opportunities the soonest time. My other sites are also not receiving opps for two months now and when I check on opportunities it is always in white highlight that the post are for me but taken or sometimes in gray highlight that means it is reserved by other bloggers. Really disappointing... I don't feel like updating my posts on blogs at this time.


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