Friday, August 28, 2009

Stupidity at Work

My day was so terrible... I just can describe my work ambiance as totally annoying.I hate my boss for his "mess-management" as a section chief in the office. I had been firm and sincere as far as system rules are concerned and follow what is being regulated by the national office. Lots of complains were coming in the work section since yesterday because of the lack of initiative of those previous lazy employees who handled the backlog. This time the bulk of those backlog transactions came in and the transactions should be finished a.s.a.p... I am not a superwoman to magic everything and say "done"!. He even commanded to prioritize her friend who has a personal transaction that did not comply with the requirements. He felt bad at me because I questioned the authenticity of his friend's requirements. Stupid boss!!....I went out of the office late already tonight. I feel that all my energies are totally drain today.

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