Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madayaw 24th Kadayawan Festival

This week started the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival ( August 17-23, 2009). The theme for this year is "One people in communion with the Earth". Davao has been the place for indigenous people and the core of their existence continually lives until at present. They were the ones who inhabited this place long time ago so this celebration is giving the recognition to their efforts in preserving and working with nature and also sharing with other people. The diversity of nature and culture . That is why this festival is celebrated every year. There will be many upcoming activities like dance competitions and street dancing, photo contest, chorale presentation, sportsfest, cultural dances and music presentation and many more. I am already excited to the events for this week. I hope to update here in my posts some related happenings on the Kadayawan festival.

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