Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ka Freddie's "Monkey Remark"

I was watching SNN, a daily late night showbiz oriented show on television days ago and I was struck by the comment of Freddie Aguilar. I would agree with you, Ka Freddie. It was good that you voiced out regarding these "monkeys" of the music industry. Aguilar was reportedly not impressed by Charice and Pineda’s achievements abroad. Aguilar reportedly noted that the two only proved what international singer Mariah Carey had said about Filipinos.Carey had reportedly likened Filipinos to monkeys because they would only mimic the styles and songs of other international artists. They are trying hard copy cats that want to get stardom abroad without the quality of being original in their own way. Ka Freddie was not saying overboard remarks but only the real truth about you as performers.

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