Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anniversary Sportsfest - "Soar High West Eagles"

It was a whole Saturday activity of the office people in celebration of the revenues' 105th anniversary. The activity was held at an exclusive club house where all the district and regional offices joined for a yearly get-together. It started with games played like badminton, basketball, dart and table tennis. In the early afternoon was the singing contest. The one who won the singing competition will represent for the national level. The lunch was fully served with sumptuous meals like lechon, grilled fishes, adobo, sweet&sour, kinilaw, fried lumpia, various fruits in season and many desserts. Some bring home food were also shared by everybody and I was glad to got one pack of foodies for home. The day's activity was full of fun. Everybody enjoyed the get-together and it was one way of charging up and a great break from the monotony of the daily office work.Soar high West eagles!

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