Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for Skywatch Friday

I missed the sun this week. The weather bureau reported that more rains to expect on the coming days but I am still thankful for this cloudy sky shot of the birds in branches of an old tree. After I took this pic, the rain started and the birds just flew away. A great sky seeing to all!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relaxing Masage

I can no longer bear the physical stress brought about by the daily activities at work. I decided the other day to visit my favorite spa for a whole body massage. Swedish massage feels good, is relaxing and invigorating especially in the nature of my work. Now I feel relaxed especially in my muscles and physically relieved from stress. This is a great treat for myself and I will always consider it a part of my personal wellness.

Qoutation Request

My dear cousin is planning to buy a car and so he requested me for a price quotation from Toyota. His choice of car will be the RAV 4 4x2 AT. I called the Toyota office regarding it and I was glad that the office immediately sent a sales representative to furnished me a copy of the said product quotation. I already emailed to my cousin the details of his request.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Used Car Hunting as never been so easy

I agree that looking for used car is never been so easy. There are variety of choices depending on you personal lifestyle. I would always recommend BuyYourCar, a UK site when you are looking for cars that you want. The company can offer Used Cars that are still in good condition. They have also New Cars if you like the brand new model car of your choice. They have varieties to choose from any high end car that you like. Also you can have Car Lease as an option. I even helped my relative to acquired one of the Used Audi Cars as his service in UK. He enjoys using it and said that the service is doing perfect for him. The bargains that they are offering here are really amazing. The selections are the best among any other car deals that I encountered. Check out more wonderful offers by visiting the online site at

Book of MyMy

My friend My visited me just after office hours. We haven't met as agreed last week because I was also busy until the weekend. I returned to her the book that I borrowed months ago. Sorry My for the delay of returning it. But thanks for sharing that book with full of great ideas. I learned a lot from it.

Best deal on satellite TV in your state

I love watching my favorite movies, world news, sports, fashion and many more on satellite TV. This is one great way of keeping myself an update about how things are going on in the world. Being a subscriber of Kaptain Satellite for years now, I could say that the company is the best service provider in High Definition Television. You can choose on what kind of service from them like DIRECT TV and dish network according to your state or location. I am always excited to avail about the promotions and packages of Kaptain Satellite. I think this is the only company that can really provide my cable television needs. My application was hassle free and the services are great. There are more best deals and offers to find in the one easy click website. Just check it out for more exciting promos.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anniversary Sportsfest - "Soar High West Eagles"

It was a whole Saturday activity of the office people in celebration of the revenues' 105th anniversary. The activity was held at an exclusive club house where all the district and regional offices joined for a yearly get-together. It started with games played like badminton, basketball, dart and table tennis. In the early afternoon was the singing contest. The one who won the singing competition will represent for the national level. The lunch was fully served with sumptuous meals like lechon, grilled fishes, adobo, sweet&sour, kinilaw, fried lumpia, various fruits in season and many desserts. Some bring home food were also shared by everybody and I was glad to got one pack of foodies for home. The day's activity was full of fun. Everybody enjoyed the get-together and it was one way of charging up and a great break from the monotony of the daily office work.Soar high West eagles!

Saturday Critter on Cam

Camera Critters
This picture was taken at Subic's Ocean Adventure. A great shot of a sea creature inside an aquarium. It is a unique living thing with beautiful black spines. Picture perfect for camera critters of the day.Enjoy your clicking!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bro's Insurance

I just paid one of the insurance premiums of my brother for the quarter of the year and glad to know that it is already fully paid after 5 years. The company sent a notice congratulating him for the success of paying his premiums. I felt a little relieved because the burden of payment was lessen this time. Now my brother is happy for his hard earned accomplished investment that would be very beneficial to him in the future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Office Computer

After a month of moving in to the new office, the set-up is quite smooth and there are few mess left for now. Some computers were installed last week for the online system. They are all desktop computers with Lenovo brand. I already started using it and find the computer has enough power to fulfill basic computing tasks such as checking email, browsing the web and word processing. You can access the programs very easily and the physical features are very user friendly. I would be more interested to work in the office with this newly installed computer.

A Day at Work

I like today's Tuesday! I was busy this morning at work with different kinds of transactions. Even with so many things to attend in the office, I still managed to keep calm and relax in between breaks. It is not doing well on myself if I would focused more at work. It would be draining and my health is something that I always take into consideration. Good thing because on the early part of the afternoon the network system shut down and got offline until 5:00pm. My work has to stop because most of the transactions that I am doing relied on the online system. I timed-out from the office earlier than I used to be. Now I have time to update my blog. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday overtime and food treat

I did an overtime work this Saturday because my boss requested for the system update of the unfinished work this week. I arrived at the office early afternoon already because I had to attend to some personal activities that I was not able to do during the entire week. This is the only day that I can give myself a little break after the hectic days from Monday to Friday. Good thing was that my boss gave us food treat. He bought some take-out food of hot batchoy noodle soup, bibingka and cheese bread. The tiredness I had from work was relieved when these yummy foods were served. Later in the evening, I met with Lyn who bought food supplement and we ate again egg & cheese panwich and iced tea. I feel bloated this evening for all the food treats of the day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Sunset

What a nice view of this time in the evening at which the sun begins to fall below the horizon! I hope to capture and post more sunset events for sky watch Friday. Thanks God Its Friday again!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Family Get-Together

Home was again filled by my dear relatives who stopped overnight from a vacation. It was a family gathering of my father, aunt and uncle who are in their elderly years and we talked a lot from their vacation most especially their health condition that needs to be given priority at this point in time. Prayer meeting was held and each one reflected on God's purpose in their lives. It was a simple gathering but all worthy of sharing emotions, thoughts and responsibilities. The family has been continuously blessed in life and praying that all provisions and desires would be according to God's plan. This is a great weekend get together for the family.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ka Freddie's "Monkey Remark"

I was watching SNN, a daily late night showbiz oriented show on television days ago and I was struck by the comment of Freddie Aguilar. I would agree with you, Ka Freddie. It was good that you voiced out regarding these "monkeys" of the music industry. Aguilar was reportedly not impressed by Charice and Pineda’s achievements abroad. Aguilar reportedly noted that the two only proved what international singer Mariah Carey had said about Filipinos.Carey had reportedly likened Filipinos to monkeys because they would only mimic the styles and songs of other international artists. They are trying hard copy cats that want to get stardom abroad without the quality of being original in their own way. Ka Freddie was not saying overboard remarks but only the real truth about you as performers.

I am Back Again

I was not able to update my blog for days because of my hectic schedule. There were a lot of priorities that I did for the past days at home and work. Thanks for the time again and now I am back for my blogging activity.

Friday, July 03, 2009

4th of July

Peace and Happiness to all!

Fridays' Office Inauguration

TGIF! My week was very exhausting because of the transfer of the office to its new location. After the physically draining days, the new office was finally inaugurated and an office blessing was held early this morning at 8:00am. Foods were served and everybody enjoyed staying in the newly furnished office. Hopefully by next week, I can concentrate and be back to normal working atmosphere.

Skywatching on Friday

Skywatch Friday
It was raining the past days this week and I got a chance to had this shot from a wide land space near the diversion road of the city. This was taken around 5:30pm and about to sunset. The clouds started to get gray together for another rainy evening. Happy skywatching to all!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Granite Countertop

I am planning to make some renovations on my bar. Some of the areas in it are already worn out and well, its five years already so I would be expecting some wear and tear on that part of my home. I am looking out to change the counter top and for better quality and looks I would prefer granite at this time from San Francisco granite countertop. The company offers lots of quality granite and I am fascinated by the emerald green kind of stone that they are selling for my new bar. Granite is an ideal countertop because it is easy to clean, elegant and durable. It is a tested and proven housing essential against mild dew that is often found on the countertop or floors. I am already excited to see how my bar would look like using granite countertop. Many colors and designs can be seen on the online site so better check it out.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ocean Adventure

Some admirable water poses of cute dolphins in Subic's Ocean Adventure. A wild and exciting experience to see these amazing water creatures doing swimming tricks. Another shots worth sharing for today's watery Wednesday. Splash to everybody!!