Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Errands and Friendly Treats

I usually stays at home every Sunday. This is the only day of the week where I can take a break and relax. But for today I have lots of errands-- buy this, call that, pick up this, exchange this, go there..etc...I am able to finish all my tasks by noontime already.

I rush to the nearest mandarin restaurant because my stomach is already growling of hunger. When I am about to grab a sit, my friend Michelle and Josie are on the other table.

We join together, they treat me for lunch and chit-chat over sumptuous wanton noodles, rice toppings and fresh fruit salad. Its just a coincidence that we meet in the same place.

Now I am feeling physically overused and tired yet gastronomically satisfied.Hehehe..

What a Sunday!

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