Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Tuesday of Annoyance

I felt yesterday that I was playfully provoked by time. My patience was being tested with many persistent annoyances at the start of the day. It all began at the office with some co-workers who were tensed due to the demand of their work. They were blaming others of their job related faults and mistakes and made me as their shock absorber. At noon time, I was expecting an important item delivery two days ago and the assigned person just told me that it was brought by the other personnel in-charge and asked to come back for pick-up again the next day. They forgot to bring again the said items when I inquired on it. It was so irritating! On the late afternoon, I went to the grocery shop for a while and bought a few basic personal things. I lined up the cashier lane to pay and most lanes that time was full of paying customers. The lady cashier was too slow to punched the groceries because her cash register machine cannot read the pricing code. She kept going out of her post for unknown reasons and so slow in counting the cash received from the customers. It took me almost an hour of waiting in a grocery shop just for few items purchased. I arrived home late at night already felt sick and tired of the exhaustion brought about by these events.What an exasperating day!!!

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