Monday, June 29, 2009

Managing Your Debt

I like to start my post by the meaning the word "Debt" - an obligation to pay or do something; money or goods or services owed by one person to another. Now that is more simplified and easy to understand. The real sense of the word is not easy for me to discuss here. It is because I am one of the many people who is experiencing it. It is hard to think about being in debt especially during these crucial and uncertain times. It can be painful to think on how will you be able to pay the indebtedness but during this hard times , but that is commonly the option in order to make both ends meet in the present financial living.In as much as I would like to pay and zero-out all the dues , I think through consolidating it in a step-by-step way would be a good method in debt management. By prioritizing the dues which would be given first importance and to settle it according to the kind of payable that it is. Ranking it which would be the project to pay first and so on...One thing more is not to add another debt if there are still some existing and unpaid ones. This would be hard and very unpractical. Another thing is to just live with in your means if you are currently paying monthly dues. Do not buy things that are not really that important to you during the debt period. These are mostly things that you can live even without having it. They can be the things that are not your priority. I think there are no things in this world that cannot be managed even in debt.I am certain to be debt free by the year ends. A positive outlook is one way of managing your debt also. Personal conviction really helps.This is a matter of being responsible and smart as far as finances are concerned.

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