Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morning Overseas Call

Its weekend again! A great time to stay up late in the morning. I was happy to received a long distance call from my dear friend Libby from Australia. Our friendship started way back years ago as office mates, business partners and as her maid of honor..(:) Libby is married to Ken (an Australian) and they decided to live in Melbourne since 2003. Its been a long time since she came home in the Philippines and i hope she will plan to visit again this year. We enjoyed chatting on the phone about our life's updates--what's new, what's up, what's the latest. She choose to call rather than replying to me on emails because it is different to hear each others' voices on the line. I really appreciate her efforts to stay in touch whenever she has free time to call. Thank you Lib for being a real friend and looking forward to see you soon. It is always great to hear from your end. My best regards to you both.

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