Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday


It's a gloomy friday! I had a hard time thinking of what kind of picture to post for today. Thanks to these birds that was captured by my camera while watching the sky that was about to rain. Seldom i can see these birds now and I think their habitat is also affected by the climate change. Even if the weather is not fine, i still able to take a shot of these lovely creatures in the sky. The picture depicts the struggle of the birds to fly for life inspite of the depressing appearance of the day.


  1. beautiful skyline with the bird flying. happy weekend.

  2. Gray skies will make way for blue skies. Nice capture. Birds in flight are a tough one.

    Thanks so much for playing along. Have a great weekend.

    -Tisha of Looking @ The Sky on Friday

  3. the bird at the very top looks like he's shrugging!!

  4. Great photo! I love how you captured each one of them in different stages of their flight.

    I played too! Come on over. :)

  5. Great shot with the birds in flight! That's what my skies looked like two days ago ... at least for a while.
    Hugs and blessings,