Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Holy Week Reflection

Lenten season started last palm sunday until this coming easter sunday. It is a whole week of observance for the christian world. Monday here was declared non-working holiday and the working days left are tuesday and wednesday. It is a long weekend break and most people are busy where to spend leisure time away from work and just devote themselves to rest and recreation. My plans this week would just be to stay at home and do valuable things. I dont have any out-of-town vacation because it is not financially wise to spend at this time. I find this holy week a time for reflection on Christ's passion, death and resurrection. HE suffered and died to redeem a sinful and lost world. HE was wounded for our transgressions. Good friday was the darkest day in human history. But because of Jesus' sacrifices for us, the cross was actually the greatest victory of all ages. Having been through life's struggles and difficulties, there were failures in my life and i admit my failings. It was full of frustrations, hopelessness and worries but i tried to confess and submit them as HE died for me. Christ knew that i would continue and HE made provision according to HIS great purpose. With the Lord's grace and strength will prove that there is victory amid life's failures. May this holy week's reflections help us to turn life trials into triumphs just as Christ did for saving the humanity. A blessed holy week to all.

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