Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transport Strike

Some organized militants held a transport strike today and they urged some transport groups particularly those who are serving the public not to commute today. They had been appealing to the government and its related agencies about the gasoline price increase, violation fees, fare hike,etc. which are unjust and not fair on their part. Many passengers were stranded on the road because only few jeepneys served the riding public. I was even affected by the said strike and was late to report at the office today. I hope they can talk, negotiate and come up with the solutions to resolve the many issues affecting the people especially this hard economic times.

Watery Wednesday

This picture was taken this summer vacation of my cousin and her baby in a private residential pool. It was an exclusive area for the residents so the mom and baby had all the time together swimming to their hearts content. Her baby liked water a lot and every time they had a chance to have a break, swimming pool is always their loved destination. Mommy and baby swimming pics, just perfect for today's watery Wednesday.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Relaxing on Weekend

I owed myself a time to be less restrained after a very stressful weekdays. Blogging was out of my plan for 2 days. I just stayed at home, cleaned up the mess and clutters and took a sound sleep in the afternoon and evening. I also enjoyed watching my favorite tv shows and keeping update on the national and world news. I love the feeling!!!!It is great to start the new week of living life. Now i am fully recharged to start my day one at a time.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday


It's a gloomy friday! I had a hard time thinking of what kind of picture to post for today. Thanks to these birds that was captured by my camera while watching the sky that was about to rain. Seldom i can see these birds now and I think their habitat is also affected by the climate change. Even if the weather is not fine, i still able to take a shot of these lovely creatures in the sky. The picture depicts the struggle of the birds to fly for life inspite of the depressing appearance of the day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Celebration

Cherishing and sharing natures true gift to all of us. Let us join together in celebrating the day of our planet. Happy Earth's Day to one and all!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Precious Joy Moments

My niece Precious Joy, 4 years old, visited at home together with her mom. They stayed with us for the weekend to unwind and relax in the city. She was accompanied at the mall and enjoyed playing in kids' wonderland playshop and did the carousel rides. For several hours of staying at the mall, she never got tired of playing. This picture of her at home, she was happy watching her favorite cartoon movie and a little afraid to touch a birdie from a nest on her hand. Her presence made home alive and in her eyes show great joy and happiness.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Buying a Car

Planning to buy a car at this time requires quality decision as far as i am concerned. It would always depend on your personal choice, capacity to pay and lifestyle. There are different ways of buying a car, whether you like a brand new one, used cars for sale or cars for lease. I have decided to avail the van leasing. This UK based company gives special and unique offers to me as a buyer compared to other companies with the same line of business. I find it very practical and cost efficient on my manner of living today . There are no complicated things to do when applying with the offer so i decided to make this as my personal choice. I can manage my obligations without the hassle of the financial liability. There are variety of van leasing offers and all i have to do is to choose which offer is the best. More offer details can be seen on the company's online site Just check it out.

Morning Overseas Call

Its weekend again! A great time to stay up late in the morning. I was happy to received a long distance call from my dear friend Libby from Australia. Our friendship started way back years ago as office mates, business partners and as her maid of honor..(:) Libby is married to Ken (an Australian) and they decided to live in Melbourne since 2003. Its been a long time since she came home in the Philippines and i hope she will plan to visit again this year. We enjoyed chatting on the phone about our life's updates--what's new, what's up, what's the latest. She choose to call rather than replying to me on emails because it is different to hear each others' voices on the line. I really appreciate her efforts to stay in touch whenever she has free time to call. Thank you Lib for being a real friend and looking forward to see you soon. It is always great to hear from your end. My best regards to you both.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chewing while Blogging

Blogging is always fun. That is already tested and proven to me. However, chewing a gum while doing it adds more to the fun while thinking and writing the ideas on the blog. It keeps my mind busy about topics for the journal and does not make my mouth on the static mode. I choose this sugarfree gum that does not promote tooth decay. Sometimes i can consume a pack for hours of staying online. Chewing gum aids me always to be awake and focused . The feeling of chewing and stretching the gum while taking the sweet juices are simple mouth pleasures!!..Happy chewing.. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Greetings

CHRIST'S resurrection gives meaning, direction and opportunity in our lives to start over no matter what circumstances..May HIS blessings lead you to success and happiness. WISHING YOU ALL A JOYOUS EASTER!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cloudy Maundy Thursday

When i woke up, the day was just sunny bright and at the mid-day it turned out cloudy. The weather bureau was just seemed right to announced that cloudy skies and scattered rain showers would be expected during the holy week. I stayed at home the whole day and looked at the cloudy skies with rain drops kept falling on the rooftop on the later part of the day.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Deals for credit cards

At present I own a visa card and I am planning to have another one for my credit line. While searching online, I read about a website that offers great deals for credit card applicants. I am very interested in the card packages that the company is offering because I have variety of options depending on my status and lifestyle. As a single woman who knows what I want in life, I would like to choose the instant approval credit card because it is hassle free. As long as I meet the card requirements, I would immediately know my credit standing. The credit card balance transfer service made me more curious to think about the offer. There are more information posted on the site about the best deals on credit cards so just check it out.

Passport Renewal

I am early today to go to the office of the Department of Foreign Affairs for my passport renewal. I had to be there before the usual time because the office only gives limited priority numbers for the applicants. I filled up the renewal form with my personal details attached with the photocopy of the old passport and new royal blue background ID picture. The renewal process was quite easy compared during the time of first application but because of so many people who have transactions, it took me almost 5 hours of falling in line, waiting for the processing, encoding and payment...( what a sacrifice !!!!) .. I felt tired and hungry after the processing this whole morning. Passport at this time is important not only for travel or visa requirements but it is a valid form of identification in any transactions that require its copy. My new passport will be available for releasing 25 working days from the date of application.

A Holy Week Reflection

Lenten season started last palm sunday until this coming easter sunday. It is a whole week of observance for the christian world. Monday here was declared non-working holiday and the working days left are tuesday and wednesday. It is a long weekend break and most people are busy where to spend leisure time away from work and just devote themselves to rest and recreation. My plans this week would just be to stay at home and do valuable things. I dont have any out-of-town vacation because it is not financially wise to spend at this time. I find this holy week a time for reflection on Christ's passion, death and resurrection. HE suffered and died to redeem a sinful and lost world. HE was wounded for our transgressions. Good friday was the darkest day in human history. But because of Jesus' sacrifices for us, the cross was actually the greatest victory of all ages. Having been through life's struggles and difficulties, there were failures in my life and i admit my failings. It was full of frustrations, hopelessness and worries but i tried to confess and submit them as HE died for me. Christ knew that i would continue and HE made provision according to HIS great purpose. With the Lord's grace and strength will prove that there is victory amid life's failures. May this holy week's reflections help us to turn life trials into triumphs just as Christ did for saving the humanity. A blessed holy week to all.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Captured Bees

While spending the late afternoon this weekend, these cute bees captured my camera attention. They were busy around this leaf looking for food and other insects. Thanks little bees for a wonderful pose on this pic and not sharing me your sting..:)

A Bee Poem:

There was a man who loved the bees,

He always was their friend,

He sat around upon their hives,

But they stung him in the end.

Camera Critters

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Smart Card Loading

My mobile phone had insufficient amount of load so i purchased this prepaid card instead of pasaload or the minimum amount option for loading. The card has free text messages and the amount has longer validity of 60 days from successful loading. Unlike the pasaload that has limited validity of only 3 to 12 days and you need to reload again whether consumed or not. Choosing a card is being practical nowadays and this is the smart option on my personal communication needs.

Post Birthday Get-together

I had a great friday night-out with friends My and Lyd. It was a post birthday treat to us by Lyd who celebrated her birthday last March 30. Thank you for the delicious dinner and the wonderful time we had together. It's better late than never (just kidding..hehe).

Friday, April 03, 2009

Shopper's Gift Coupon

I have this smart shopper's card from a mall where i frequently purchased groceries, dry goods, home supplies etc. Every time i buy items, there is an equivalent points earned. For almost two years of being a member i accumulated some earnings and was given free gift certificate/coupon. The coupon entitled me to avail free items from the dry goods and so i choose a 3 piece-tumbler set. Good timing then because there are few glasses left on my kitchen wares. It feels so happy to received this kind of privileges as a shopper.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's Thursday again

The first thursday for the month of April. Time just flies so fast! I should not miss my blog update in making thankful thursday. My daily life has been through ups and downs yet faith, hope and optimism always prevail. I am grateful for the good health, wisdom, favorable benefits,frustrations, struggles. Giving thanks in all these things that affect present life whether good or bad has helped me in making positive disposition, creating a feeling that all is going to turn out well and ward off negativity and resentments.