Sunday, March 01, 2009

Picture taking on weekend

It's weekend again! I decided to just stay at home today. My morning started with fixing some clutters and mess. I was thankful that I woke up early so the household chores were finished before noon time. On mid-afternoon, my brother (Dick Raymund) and I decided to have some photo shots of me using his Canon-S3 camera. While he fixed and arranged the set-up on the living room and kitchen, I was busy for a little dress-up, fixing my hair and putting some little make-up to look nice on shots. Picture taking was time consuming because you have to find the right angles to capture the best exposure as possible.

I enjoyed looking from every capture of my pose.(lol):)
Lots of pictures were taken but I can post just one picture here..:)
That will be reserved for some future posts and profile update here in my blog.

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