Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New credit card

Just recently i received my new credit card from Mastercard. This is a replacement of the previous Visa card that i had which is about to expire this month end due to bank/merchant mergers. I appreciated that the notice arrived earlier so i still have time for the update and activation process. Mastercard offers miles conversion in using the card for flight tickets exclusively with Philippine Airlines. It also has peso-dollar flexibility where you can access for full credit line any where in the world. They make easy and flexible minimum payments and you can get cash fast thru Mastercard ATM's nationwide and worldwide. Since this is considered a new card application, the first year membership fee is free. The credit limit assigned on my account was minimal (personal choice) for better credit management.

A personal credit card can really help in times when you have transactions and you run out of cash. Although i am not the "impulsive buyer" kind, having a credit card takes responsibility and discipline.

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