Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Helpful Tools

There were some repairs lately at home particularly on wooden fixtures. Maybe its due to the wear and tear of the details that needs to be given attention this time and if left undone it could lead to more serious restorations and fixings.
Black & Decker--- this tool consists of 23 piece drilling and screw driving set ideal for metal, wood and screwdriving. It is user friendly, easy to assemble and fit for every repair details.Swiss Army Knife --- this multi-purpose knife is also very serviceable. It consists of screwdrivers(starscrew/flatscrew), 3 kinds of shaped knives,can opener,nail/screw guide,toothpick and tweezer. I find this personal tool a must and a necessity. Don't you know that this was the tool we used in dismantling the room panels,appliances and cabinets of a retail establishment? Yes, it did a great work!

It is always best to buy quality tools like these. They are always useful assistants.

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