Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day of Celebration & Keeping Friendship

Davao City just celebrated the "72nd Araw Ng Dabaw". It was a time of celebration marked by special observance of the cityhood of Davao. 72 years indeed! March 16 was the highlight of the weeklong events like the city parade showcasing the civic,government & non-government organizations that comprises the society. Every group participated on the festivities and that made the celebration something to be proud of. The people got a chance to watched and enjoyed different shows and entertainment because it was declared as a local non-working day.

My friends Myla and Lydia and me was not exempted to get together and joined the fun. We agreed to meet in downtown district and planned where to spend our day. Each of us has our own obligations and responsibilities but still value and keep our friendship. We always try to find time to get together even for a while. There were lots of each others' updates, sharing life struggles and sentiments. After, we strolled at People's Park. This the popular park in the city where you can enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes of flowers and trees, fountains, whishing well, fish pond, water falls, walk ways, cottages, sunken garden and the creative man-made sculptors of eagle,indigenous people and durian dome. Leisure walking in the park was a great way of connecting and updating about each other and a nice change of environment after the usual monotony of our daily lives. Hours of sight-seeing was so tiring so we went to js mall, took a break for some snacks and cold drinks. For such a limited time, we had fun and enjoyed each others' company.
Thanks for this wonderful day and keep up our friendship!

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